Sunday Supper

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Sunday Supper
Sun, 02-05-2012 - 6:29pm

Whatcha cooking?

Rotisserie chicken here with rice and peas.

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Sun, 02-05-2012 - 7:30pm
Turkey sliders with avocado and carmelized red onions, buffalo wings with homemade blue cheese dressing, chips and dip, fruit and brownies. Yum!!
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Sun, 02-05-2012 - 8:34pm

We had pork chops, perogies,celery, and pasta... random I know lol

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Sun, 02-05-2012 - 10:11pm

Flank steak (grilled), roasted cauliflower, pasta, garlic bread (made from Costco ciabatta rolls

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Sun, 02-05-2012 - 10:32pm

A bunch of crap food watching in front of the TV watching the Super Bowl!

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Mon, 02-06-2012 - 10:06am

Pizza, brownies, nobake cookies (Danny makes the best!), fruit salad (to make myself feel better) and a little queso w/chips.

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Mon, 02-06-2012 - 1:06pm
my MIL made chicken and french fries. We had a bunch of junk food too.

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Tue, 02-07-2012 - 12:17pm

If I'm home most of the weekend, I'll cook a couple things to eat during the week.

Saturday I put a half pork loin in the crock pot with sweet potatoes, apples and onions - all day.