Super Bowl

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Super Bowl
Sun, 02-03-2013 - 9:02am

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Yup, I wrote this out, copied it, and when I posted I got “page cannot be found.”   When I tried to paste it, there was nothing there.   Again.   Happened to be in Babble too.   UGHHHHH!!

Apparently the Super Bowl is today.

Do you have any plans?   What are you cooking/eating?

I have no plans.   I couldn’t even tell you who is planning.   We won’t watch any of it and we have no special food plans.  


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Mon, 02-04-2013 - 2:18pm

We went over to Mary & Danny's house as we do every year... this year was hard though.  I really did not want to go.  I was tired and plumb worn out from all this basement crap.  Yesterday our laundry tub pump went out and we had another flood when the laundry overflowed it... ugh!  Nothing was dry yet so not sure what if any more damage it caused...

Anyway... I was going to make heart attacks, bbq polish sausages, a dessert and buffalo cauliflower but we did not really have any extra money and I had leftovers from tacos with my parents so I made taco dip, spanish rice and pumpkin muffins to take.  I made a big ole pan of taco dip... like 11x 17 pan and we only had about 1/4 of it left.  But, we had quite a bit of the rice...

Mary had sloppy joes, cheese dip, 3 kinds of wings and a veggie tray.  Others brought BLT Dip, cheeseball & crackers, chips & dip, chocolate no-bake cookies & acorns (baby peanut butter cookie with a chocolate kiss adhered to one side).  Not crazy heavy with the food this year but it was okay... we had less people too.

I wanted the 49'ers to win too... and they almost pulled it out .... i didn't get to see their "almost" comeback because when the power went out, we waiting at Mary's for a while but then went on home and then I went to bed.  My hubby didn't get to go to the party because he was at the house with the basement guy... he said he'd be there at 5:00 but didn't show until 7:00 and after they were done there was no sense in my hubby coming over.

I loved the Dorito commercial where the little girl bribed her dad with a bag of Doritos to play dress up with her.  When his buddies caught him, she bribed them too so Mom came home and caught them all in make up, dress up clothes and one of them even had her wedding dress on.... funny stuff!  Of course the Oprah Winfrey narrated commercial tugged at everyone's heart.  I missed a lot of the commercials after I went to bed.

Oh... and guess what, Renee?  I won $25 in the squares!!!  Ours were only $1 each.  I won in the 3rd quarter!!

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