Tuesday Supper

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Tuesday Supper
Tue, 01-01-2013 - 4:15pm

Anything good cooking tonight?

I took the turkey stock I made from boiling the carcass after Christmas, along with some leftover meat, out of the freezer this morning.   I am making turkey pot pie.

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Tue, 01-01-2013 - 4:53pm

Got some ground pork on sale, bought 3 packs of it for DH( I love pork chops, and bacon, but I cant stomach ground pork for some reason!) so I made him spaghetti. and I had 2 grilled cheese sandwiches! ( had a huge salad for lunch, so I dont have to feel too guilty for not having any veggies with my dinner lol)

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Tue, 01-01-2013 - 5:49pm

Sausage and peppers

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Tue, 01-01-2013 - 6:22pm

we had breakfast for dinner.  french toast, bacon, and scrambled eggs.

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Tue, 01-01-2013 - 7:34pm

I had one of them pork loins- I put it in the crock with tators and carrots..

I swear I feel all I have done for the last two weeks is eat....

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Tue, 01-01-2013 - 8:38pm
My pot pie wasn't all that good. Maybe I am turkeyed out. It may be food in general too.

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Tue, 01-01-2013 - 11:30pm
I made almond crusted chicken breasts. Nice and easy!

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Wed, 01-02-2013 - 6:56am

We had baked chickenn tenders and quinoa with spinach and parmesan cheese.

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Wed, 01-02-2013 - 2:30pm
We were at a friends house visiting with another couple that drove up from TX. The hosts made chicken noodle soup, potato soup and chili. I brought leftover heart attacks and blt dip/toast and we stopped by to pick up a chocolate cake & cherry pie. I didn't get any dessert though.

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