Weekend Plans?

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Weekend Plans?
Fri, 03-15-2013 - 6:07am

What's going on this weekend?

The kids are out of school today.   It's some state law requiring the districts to afford the teachers the day off so they can attend the annual KY Education Meeting.   If we were in session they would be required to pay for a sub for all the teachers that said they were going.   We take the day off each year instead.  I have some boring training scheduled for the whole morning and then we have a lunch break and into a meeting.   Big stretch and yawn.

Tonight Jeff and I are doing something.   No idea what the something is yet.   We may go out to eat.   Well, I say "may" but I have nothing defrosted to cook so that is sort of forcing that one.   I do have a gift card for a Mexican place.   Maybe there.   Maybe elsewhere.

My DS made an All-Star team for his basketball team.   That gives him 3 more games this weekend.   The first is 8:30 tonight, then 8:30 tomorrow morning and again at 11:00 tomorrow morning.   I will go to all of those.   I know Jeff is excited about the one tonight.

After those games I will get the kids.   DS and I have got to work on his history fair project.   He is so lazy.   He is doing the Salem Witch Trials.   What little he has done so far has been half-butted.   Then he has baseball practice tomorrow afternoon.   If it's nice I'll go to that with him.   I love the ball park.

Tomorrow night I have no clue.   Jeff has his kids.   My kids will be with their dad.   I may round up a girlfriend for dinner.   I may sit on the couch and do nothing.   Maybe knock the grocery shopping out?   Who knows.

Sunday will be church, cleaning, and then seeing the kids.   They are spending most of the day with their dad in his hometown.  

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Fri, 03-15-2013 - 6:14am

No plans and nothing specail going on.  Actually I hope it stays that way.  Other than the usual grocery shopping, laundry, visit my dad and get in some exercise that should do it.  I am pooped and a bit stressed out from the extra work load.  I can deal with a "no plans - no obligations" weekend thank you very much!

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Fri, 03-15-2013 - 8:10am

Nat is spending the night at a friends tonight.

We were supposed to go out tomorrow, but my MIL has bronchitis, so we'll probably stay home.

Nothing planned on Sunday.

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Fri, 03-15-2013 - 8:25am

Im working all weekend.... demoing the new chocolate philly cream cheese! yum yum!! and we have that wedding reception tomorrow night!

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Fri, 03-15-2013 - 10:05am

Rumor is we are getting released today!!!!!!!!!!! If this happens, then I will spend the weekend cleaning and laundry and spending time with my Jeffrey and Sally girl.  If we do not get released, then I will sit here. Get some walking in and that's about it. Soooo hoping we get to go home.


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Fri, 03-15-2013 - 10:23am

my sister is going to watch the kids tomorrow, so we're going to watch a band play!

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Fri, 03-15-2013 - 9:13pm

Perfect way to celebrate YOUR BIRTHDAY Susan!

Lazy Friday here...

Gotta watch Dominic both Sat and Sun.. 

The usual cleaning, groceries....

blah blah blah...

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Sat, 03-16-2013 - 10:18am

Susan, you guys will have a good time.

Baylie went to a school play last night, tonight she has one of her dance pictures. The rest of the weekend will be helping with Kelsie's project and studying for her test. Fun times!

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Sat, 03-16-2013 - 5:27pm

Had a $10 off "birthday" coupon from J C Penney.  Thought I'd go buy some new sandals.  OMG!  I will never go back there.  Terrible customer service, and no shoes that fit me.  Went to Ross Dress for Less and came home with 3 pairs of sandals!

Went to a huge garage sale at the church down the street, looking for a dog crate or cat carrier.  They had only a hamster cage left, and I sure don't want that.  However, just as I walked in, I spied a lovely maple rocking chair for $30.  I bought it.  Nowhere to put it until I get the huge, plastic-laminated, corner computer desk disassembled so I can get it out of the back bedroom.  My rocker sits in the garage, waiting....

Gemini has a meet-and-greet with a potential adoptive family tomorrow afternoon.  If they like him, they will take him home with them, since they live 'way the other side of Dallas and don't want to make two trips.  The "pug of the month club" has become the "pug of the week club" here lately.

It's like 80 degrees outside today.  Off to bathe three puggies, so we are all clean and sweet for visitors.

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Sun, 03-17-2013 - 11:43pm

I went to Beale Street for St. Patty's Day celebration, Elton John concert at Fed Ex Forum, mowed my lawn, cooked some steaks with mac and cheese and turnip greens (OH STOP IT, this is uptown Mississippi).  

Yee Haaa!

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Mon, 03-18-2013 - 8:49am

Mowed your lawn???  Oh I can't wait to smell fresh cut grass!!

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