Weekend Plans?

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Weekend Plans?
Fri, 03-29-2013 - 9:17am

Obviously Tracy wins for best weekend plans!!

Tonight I'll make the grocery list and start some cleaning.

Tomorrow DH is picking up the beef and pork.  :)  I'm going to lunch with an old friend of mine.  We hadn't talked in a few years and I found her on FB awhile ago.  She's been in Michigan for quite a few years now and doesn't come home much, but she'll be home for Easter this weekend and we're meeting for a lunch date tomorrow.  I can't wait.  I haven't seen her in at least 7 years!!  Since it is going to be super nice, DH said a few guys are going to come over in the afternoon and shoot guns.  I'm hoping to get my car swept out.  It needs after the long winter!

Sunday is Easter and that brings lunch on my side and supper on DH's side.


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Sun, 03-31-2013 - 8:18am

I am going to vote for me too for the best plans.    However, the traffic about put me under.  I have never been in gridlock like that.   I shutter to think what the trip home will bring.

We made it to Valdosta, GA (GA/FL line) in 12 hours.   It should have been 9.   Our friend we traveled with gets miagraines and she got a bad headache while driving.   She requested a sit down lunch.   We never do that, waste of time and road money, but we did it for her.   That took 1.45 minutes.  I was dying.  We made it to the hotel and the kids swam and we then played board games in the dining room.

We parted ways with them the next morning at the FL welcome center.   They had about 2 less hours to drive than we did.   She was taking her 4 kids to see her in-laws, who live here, as her FIL has terminal cancer.   Her DH can't get off work but will join them later in the week.  He's the team physician for UK football and UK women's basketball and has to travel with them.   When we beat Sandy's Lady Huskies today, and make it to the first ever Final Four for the UK women, he is flying all of them from Sarasota to New Orleans for the game(s).  Then they'll fly back to FL and drive home.   It was fun having friends on the road.

Yesterday traffic was terrible again.   There was a brush fire in FL that shut down I-75 N.   Thankfully we were southbound, but still, the backup for rubbernecking southbound was about an hour long.  When we got to the Ft. Myers area it took us 45 minutes to go 4 miles.   Traffic just didn't move.   I was dying. 

Our condo is on the 4th floor of a small building.   Only 12 units total; 3 to a floor.   We got the groceries in last night and today is nothing.   Sit in the sun, read, swim, and walk on the beach.   We are grilling burgers for supper. 

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Sat, 03-30-2013 - 9:16pm

Oh Gaye!!! I hate to hear about Roo Ben!!  I hope the vet was wrong, but I know he will have a wonderful life with you!

Friday, mom went to school with Waylon and the 4th graders hid Easter eggs for the younger kids. She brought Jeffrey home with her.  I wasn't going with half of my head shaved, stitches and adrain tube hanging out.

I ordered take out and P picked it up on his way home. He washed my hair for me and that was the extent of our Friday night.

Today was a BEAUTIFUL day here. The boys were outside playing most of the morning. We had an easter party at 2:00 to go to, so I found a scarf and covered my head and away we went. We all  had a great time. Came home and I ran toWal-Mart to pickup my prescriptions and a couple other things. Ended up getting Jeffrey a Tee, a teeball bat and ball and a mitt. When I got home, P and the boys went out and played some tee ball. Then they came in and the boys got baths now all 3 are in bed.  

I also packed for me and the boys for our trip to Pittsburgh tomorrow.  Did 3 loads of laundry and got it all folded and most of it put away. 

Tomorrow, I don't know if we will make it or not, but P wants to start going to church, but we haven't figured out where we want to go, so I don't know if we will make it in the morning or not.  Mom, the boys and I will leave here about noon or so to go to Pittsburgh, so no "Easter" dinner for us. I'm sure that the Ronald McDonald house will be holding a dinner, if not mom and I will order chineese and get the boys something from the cafeteria. 

Then HOPEFULLY we will be headed home on Monday afternoon!!!


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Sat, 03-30-2013 - 2:11pm

Wish I could say "staying in bed and getting over this horrible cold", but that is not to be.

My church choir sang for Good Friday services last night, and we recently added two new members (husband and wife), so it was the biggest this choir has ever been. They sounded great - so much more satisfying to direct when you aren't worrying that the one tenor who carries the part is going to show up and be healthy enough to be heard. Now that I actually have five tenors, two of them could be sick and I wouldn't worry!

Anyway - Erick is at a beer festival today with his sister and buddy Doug. I need to grocery shop and get Easter basket stuff. And change the greens from the mantle for spring flowers. Laundry, etc.Not looking forward to the pre-Easter crowds at the grocery store, but there is no putting off the bunny duties!

Choir sings for two services Sunday morning, then we are off to MIL and SILs for Easter dinner. Lousia is making ham, which is my favorite. Erick made rolls this morning before he left. That is all I need for a great Easter dinner! I am sure she will have great sides, too.

I am really looking forward to next week - sleeping in a bit, if nothing else. I need to have labs done for my dr. appt on Thursday, and the boys have doctor and dentist appointments, but there is nothing big on the schedule. It is coming up on Culinary Week at the university, which means Erick will be working long days prepping for the certified master chef who comes to do trainings for the staff. Undecided 

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Sat, 03-30-2013 - 11:59am

RooBen was returned to me at 11:30 yesterday morning.  I have a house full of animals, not all well behaved.

RooBen is special-needs.  He is still walking, although wobbly, and is on two steroid tablets a day.  He is down to 29 pounds, but he is still heavy if I have to start carrying him around.  He is such a sweet old man.

The cat ate a plant I was rooting in a vase and vomited on the floor in "his" room.

Taurus is not housebroken.  I have him in doggy diapers, which catch the pee but not the other. 

Fortunately ALL the animals are getting along wonderfully, and all sleep through the night.

Good Friday service last night.

We had a thunder and hail storm at aboout 2 AM that woke me from a sound sleep.  Other than me, it woke only the cat, who had been sleeping on my shoulder.  I am so fortunate that I have never had one of those dogs who is insanely afraid of thunderstorms.

I have to be at church today at 5 PM to rehearse with the brass quartet.  Our choir director has had dinner catered for us (usually a simple meal - BBQ or chicken-fried chicken).  The Great Vigil of Easter begins at 8 PM.  I will get home after 10.

Up at 6 tomorrow morning, and back to church at 7:30 AM to sing two Easter Sunday Masses.  Will get home about 12:30 or 1:00.  Some or all of my kids are coming for supper tomorrow.  I've made a potato salad, and we are having a pre-cooked little ham and asparagus.  I bought pretzel rolls and a frozen lemon meringue pie from Aldi.  Don't have the time or energy to do much more.  It will be nice, though.

Monday morning I take RooBen and Taurus to the vet clinic.  RooBen will stay to be weaned off his steroids so the vet can see his condition and work on a plan of treatment, if possible.  Taurus will get his worm medication (he has tapeworms) and stay to be picked up by another foster.  I will come home without either dog, but RooBen will come back to me when he is released by the clinic.  His vet in Louisiana gave him 30 days.  I hope he is wrong.  If that is the case, I will care for him for the rest of his life.



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Sat, 03-30-2013 - 7:58am

Was one of the lucky ones who had Good Friday off from work.  I took my Dad out for a late breakfast and then we did some shopping.  We picked up a palm cross and brought it to the cemetary.  My Dad got pretty quite so I think that is the last time I suggest we go there again.  I won't bring it up unless he does.  I will just go without him.  Other than that he did pretty good walking around and in gthe grocery store with me.  I dropped him off at his home and then dropped off my groceries and then went and got my car washed and ran some other errands.  We had a fish dinner at home last night.

This morning Webster is going for a shampoo and a blow dry so he will be sweet smelling for Easter.  He also has a check-up on Monday at the vets and I want him looking pretty.  I will hang around the town the groomer is in and do some Sandy shopping till he is done.  Depending upon what time we get back home will determine what else I do today.  I would like to get my nails done but when I tried that yesterday they were booked solid.  I have a feeling it will be the same for today.  Not sure what dinner will be tonight. 

Sunday there will be 8 of us for a ham dinner around 1:00 pm.  Sunday night will be getting ready to head back into work on Monday.  Of course I would so much more prefer to have Tracy's Monday.

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Sat, 03-30-2013 - 7:26am

I worked yesterday morning, then we went to the in laws for BILs birthday, they all had clam chowder,and I had hamburgers lol, and yummy birthday cake!

Working today....

Off tomorrow, hoping I can sleep in! or at least get up early, eat, then go back to bed lol. then going to the in laws again, for the big ham dinner! yummy!