Weekend Plans

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Weekend Plans
Fri, 04-05-2013 - 6:42am

I know Tracy usually starts this one but I she may be trying to get the last bit of beach sand, sun and ocean into her today so I'll start -

Not much for Friday - just work then home to make dinner.

Saturday morning I am taking my Dad out.  He looks forward to our outings on Saturday but it is getting hard to find things to do with him for a number of reasons - 1 the weather has been crappy - 2 he tires easily - 3 what do you do with a 91 almost 92 year old guy?  It is going to be pretty nice tomorrow and I would take him for a nice ride someplace but there is a Zumbathon (sort of like Daisy's radiothong) from 3 - 5 that I signed up and payed for. Saturday night I might try and talk John into going out to our fave burger joint.  With all the calories I will burn in the 2 hours or Zumba I can order the works and not even give it a second thought!

Sunday I will probably go to my regular classes at the Y and then home to tackle laundry etc.  Sunday dinner at home and getting ready for Monday.

Real exciting stuff!  Let me see who can top my weekend plans!

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Fri, 04-05-2013 - 8:50am

Zumbathong sounds awesome, Sandy.   And you will certainly have earned that burger.   A big burger sounds awesome.

We should have given serious consideration to leaving early.   The weather today is awful.   We've had severe thunderstorms all morning.   And it's going to rain all day.   What a lousy way to say good-bye to the beach.

So, today is packing, board games, cards, and eating too much.   As usual.   The kids have no interest in leaving.   There is another 11-year old boy next door.   He and DS have hung out all week.   DD is on her 4th book.   They have pleaded to stay and truthfully, just sitting and doing nothing is pretty relaxing.   And it's 35* at home.   At least it's warm here, 68* right now.   Watching the storm over the water is pretty cool. 

So, that's today.   We have a bag of frozen cheese ravioli in the freezer.  We'll have that with spaghetti sauce over it, garlic bread and salads for supper. 

Tomorrow we plan to be on the road by 4:30.  It's a long haul.   Should take 14 hours, but I am counting on a lot more with traffic.   I bet we are lucky to be home by 8:00 PM.

The kids thoughful dad has informed them that no matter what time they get home they have to come to his house because they HAVE to go with him the next morning to his parent's hometown for church.   They live an hour away in this teeny tiny town.   He has found this new non-denominational church there and insists that the kids have to go there with him every other week.   They loathe it.   I think loathe is a little mild.  He is killing his already almost non-existant relationship with them.  He has decided he is this born again Christian recently.   He has taken to wearing a large whittled cross on a piece of rawhide around his neck.   He is just ridiculous and embarassing.  So, they will be exhausted but still required to go to this small church that they hate and then "visit" all day.   None of their cousins ever show up because they have lives and their parents let them live it.  My kid's dad doesn't understand that.   It's what he wants and it's all about the show.

Further, DD was invited to a practice with another travel softball team for summer.   She really wants to play with this one.   So, she has 2 practices to attend now, both with rapidly evaporating summer play options.   Her father said no, she can't go to either, she has to go visit.   She is livid.

Sunday for me will be laundry, cleaning the house, and the grocery run.   Hopefully in there I will get to see Jeff.   I cannot wait for our spring break trip.   These family trips make me crave my couples trips badly.

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Fri, 04-05-2013 - 10:16am

Well, I would love to say anything but cleaning, BUT I will probably clean some more.  I am going to try and get the bathroom done tomorrow.  The kitchen is the biggest project and will take some time...I'm thinking next weekend!  Tomorrow night we have my nephew's First Communion.  After mass we'll go to my sister's house for supper.  Other than that, relaxation!

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Fri, 04-05-2013 - 2:48pm

Philip is testing today,if it goes well, he will leave for work Sunday. He will be working in Ohio. I've gotten so used to him being here, I will miss him something awful!! 

I tackled the living room today, I still need to dust my glass door book shelf, and it will be done. I have a big pile of clothing and miscellaneous things I need to take pictures of and post to the FB YS.

Tomorrow, we will probably head to town to Tractor Supply and pick up P some new jeans and shirts for work.  Then he and I will start in on the boys room.  They won't do it, so all of the toys are GONE!!!! It makes me so mad to spend so much time in there cleaning and in 5 minuets they have it trashed, and refuse to pick it up, so they won't have to to make a mess! Waylon asked me why I was so mean. . . .I told him he didn't know mean. I'm a push over compared to some.

Sunday, I will pack P's stuff up and send him off to work and get the boys ready for school on Monday, and YES Waylon is going back to school on Monday. He didn't keep his end of the bargain about eating so I don't have to let him stay home.


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Fri, 04-05-2013 - 10:28pm

Tracy your ex sucks. I mean seriously sucks. I wonder what he plans on doing in a couple years when the kids just drift away from him, isn't your DD already doing that???

So tonight we just hung out. Grilled burgers, and chilled. The baby had to go to the doctor because he was wheezing, and they said it was just a virus and would pass. He is teething too so its been a long day. Tomorrow David and I are supposed to go out. I don't know if we will because of the baby and his sickness and teething....

Sunday David heads to Va for 2 months EARLY so we will drop him off at the air port and we will start our spring cleaning......

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Sun, 04-07-2013 - 2:50pm

Amy's significant other was not satisfied with the job he did installing my security camera on Easter Sunday, so he and Amy and the boys came over Saturday morning and Mark brought his tools.  Mark and Ian fixed the camera to his (and my) satisfaction.

I had an Adoption Counselor class at the shelter at 3 PM.  I've been doing that for 10 months, now, but I can always learn something.

This morning was church.

This afternoon I have a FAAS (Friends of Arlington Animal Services) meeting.  This is the independent 501c3 group that networks shelter animals and raises funds.  Meetings are supposed to run 4-6, but usually run over and sometimes seem interminable.  It's in the party room of a burgers, nachos and beer hangout of a restaurant.  We don't have to eat there, and I don't plan to.