Weekend Plans

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Weekend Plans
Fri, 02-17-2012 - 7:16am

What's going on this weekend?

Tonight I have yet another overtime game.


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Fri, 02-17-2012 - 9:12am

Oh my goodness, I thought my weekend was busy.

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Fri, 02-17-2012 - 9:22am

Our meteorologist said that the NWS is predicting March to be above normal temps too...which means Winter is basically over.

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Fri, 02-17-2012 - 9:36am

Dinner at home tonight and catch up time with my DH.

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Fri, 02-17-2012 - 9:41am
Saturday night I made my "signature dish" - reservations!

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Fri, 02-17-2012 - 10:21am
Tonight I have no idea what we will do.

Tomorrow we will probably go out, Evey and I need a DVD player since David is taking the playstation and the old one died. We will probably get lunch or dinner out.

Sunday we have church then a big load of nothing. I am hoping David puts his stuff away and cleans out his truck.

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Fri, 02-17-2012 - 12:15pm

Today I am playing catch up with laundry and cleaning, and spending time with Jeffrey, Daisy and Sally. I have to meet a lady at 4:00 this evening, she bought a Longaberger basket off of me and we need to meet and exchange money and basket. I will pick Waylon up from school at 3:15, taking mom and Jeffrey with me. I will stop at Wal-Mart and drop off my prescription. I will drop them off at the antique store and meet the lady, then go back and meet up with mom and the boys. Once we wander through there, We will go back to Wal-Mart and I will pick up my prescription and a few things I need.

Tomorrow, I have no plans. I am hoping it is as nice tomorrow as it is today. It is BEAUTIFUL here. I have a few crafty things I want to do, plus I bought a used sewing machine I want to try out :)

Sunday, there is a Dip and Donate dinner and silent auction for a friends mother. She has been in the hospital for almost 2 months. She has a shunt put in her leg and it got infected, they put her in and was working on getting it cleared up and while she was there, she received very POOR care and has a bed sore on her bottom. It has gotten so bad and they have scrapped it so much that it is to hthe bone. They thought they were going to have to put a colostomy on her, to keep poop from getting in it, but so far they haven't. Her son-in law said that the hole is so big you could put both fists into it (she is a BIG lady but still) She doesn't have insurance so they are doing the dinner and auction to help raise some money.

I have Monday off, but the boys have school (as far as I know) so I will have the day to do nothing but relax and try to get to feeling better.


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Fri, 02-17-2012 - 7:56pm

Well, since l am writing this from my hotel room in fabulous-downtown Yakima (central

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Sat, 02-18-2012 - 1:04am

A little more than usual.

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Sat, 02-18-2012 - 7:54pm
It poured rain all day today. I left the house only to go to the hardware store for a bulb for my security light out back. But I can't change the bulb until it quits raining.

Amy's sorry ex has the boys tomorrow because he is going out of town on "his" days. Oh and he hasn't paid his child support. But he has money to fly to Boston????? Anyway Amy said she would meet me at church and I said we would go to lunch at The Flying Fish or The Rose Garden tearoom.

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Mon, 02-20-2012 - 8:29am
That sounds good, Gaye... which did you choose? And what did you and Amy have?

Friday night we had a "girls night" at Ambers.... her cousin Ranae hadn't yet seen her house and Amber didn't really want to have a big "to do" ... hasn't really felt like it, plus, being pregnant and Nick working 2nd shift, she really hasn't gotten the house like she wants it yet so she didn't really want to have a big party. So, anyway... Ranae kept bugging her so we had a girls game night... well, it was supposed to be a girls game night. Ranae called and wanted to bring her 13 year old stepson and her 11 year old daughter. We didn't mind the daughter coming... but why bring your 13 year old step son to a girls game night??? Ugh.... welll, Amber couldn't say no so she invited her dad to come over too so he could play with Luke and hopefully we could have fun playing board games without worrying about Luke.

First of all, Ranae was over an hour late.... then right after they got there, Nick's aunt & uncle stopped in to see the house and drop off a gift for baby Presley. They stayed for over an hour! So, we didn't even get to start playing the games until after 7:30 pm. It wasn't nearly as fun a night as we wanted it to be. In fact, it was draining and tiring.

Saturday morning I had a mammogram appointment at 9:00 am. They wanted me to be there at 8:45. I was waiting for over an hour in that darn waiting room... that has never happened to me there before. I took a Saturday appointment because I didn't want to take off work since we were working short since my co-woker went part time but it seemed like EVERYBODY did that.... never again... I told the lady that next time I am taking off work! LOL

We got to watch Luke Saturday when Nick helped his parents move stuff to their new (to them) house... and Amber & Ashleigh went shopping for drapes & a curtain rod for Presley's room. Then they went and put some stuff up in Luke's room... Nick put up the bunk beds in there on Friday ... it looks cute...

Sunday we skipped church... my hubby got called back to work (thank God!) and he starts tonight so we spent Sunday morning together. He is really kind of depressed about going back because he hates it so bad and also because he's been used to seeing Luke 3-4 times during the week and now he won't. I will be glad when his first night back is over... I think the dread of going back is worse sometimes than the going back itself, if ithat makes sense... .

If anyone thinks about it... good mammogram vibes and/or prayers would be appreciated! Thanks gals...

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