Weekend Plans

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Weekend Plans
Fri, 08-24-2012 - 7:26am

What's going on this weekend?

DD has softball practice tonight.  I plan on going for a run during that, then some of us are going out for drinks and munchies after practice.

Tomorrow DD has softball practice in the morning.  Then we are headed to the pool for her birthday party.  She wanted about 5 girls to go swimming.  It's supposed to be 90° tomorrow.  Perfect.

Saturday night I am taking DD and her best friend out to eat.  She is fickle and hasn't said where yet.  But I am encouraging a nicer place.  Jeff is going with me.  The girls can eat by themselves.

Sunday I need to get back to church.  And I have got to find time for laundry, grocery shopping, and house cleaning.  And there is softball practice again on Sunday.  We start travel again next weekend. 

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Fri, 08-24-2012 - 8:25pm

Moe Jackson Pug had a vet appointment first thing this morning.  His abscess is healing appropriately.  I need to flush it out once a day for a couple more days, and Moe needs to finish his antibiotics, but we don't need to go back unless Moe gets worse.  I really think it was his "sister" that bit him.  She gets so frantic when the lawn mowing crew comes near the house with the leaf blower.  I separated her from the other dogs this past Wednesday so it wouldn;t happen again.

I spent from 10-4:30 today helping Amy set up her classroom.  Checking, sorting and putting away school supplies, labeling notebooks and lockers, attendance cards, etc.

I haven't been at the animal shelter since Monday when I took Rowan for a tour.  Plan to go tomorrow morning for doggie make-ready and then the PetSmart adoption event.  Rowan fell in love with a pretty pit mix puppy and wanted me to take her to PetSmart and get her adopted.  Unfortunately, she was not selected to go :smileysad:  Maybe someone will come to the shelter and adopt her tomorrow. 

 Rowan played with a pibble puppy named Christine at AAS. DA25 or 26. Nice puppy!

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Fri, 08-24-2012 - 3:14pm

No big plans at all.  Dinner at home tonight

Saturday am I'll take my Dad out and run errands.  Saturday night I want to take DH out to dinner.  He gets operated on this coming Tuesday and I think he deserves one last meal.

Sunday - not sure - John will probably go into work for a while and I will hit the "Y".  After that we probably will have to go visit the in-laws.

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Fri, 08-24-2012 - 3:07pm
Today I took Evey to PT, and then we went to Kohls and I used my Kohls cash I got on Tuesday. Then we made a quick stop at Walmart for some groceries. Nothing else on the plan for today.

Tomorrow I need to make some dip, and head to Safeway for pretzels. Then my FRG is throwing me a baby shower at 3.

Sunday we have church then home to chilax. Some point this weekend I need to clean too...

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Fri, 08-24-2012 - 12:24pm

Tonight the girls and I are going grocery shopping after work.  Browns preseason game is on at 7:30. 

Tomorrow will be cleaning and laundry.  I'm sure DH will have to work.

Sunday we don't have anything planned.

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