Weekend Plans?

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Weekend Plans?
Fri, 08-03-2012 - 7:27am

It's Friday!!  What's going on this weekend?

DS is off to a baseball tournament in Tennessee, leaving this morning.  I want to go so bad I can't stand it.  It's the same park, same hotel, etc. we went to last summer.  I had a great time.  But DD plays this weekend too and I can't ditch her for him.  So he and his dad are leaving in a few hours.

I'll take DD to softball practice tonight.   After that a lot of the girls may go home together and spend the night at one girl's house.  Not sure on that yet.  I know Jeff is coming over to my house after practice.  He doesn't have to go to bed early for work anymore. 

Tomorrow I am of course headed to the softball field.  All day.  But the last game scheduled for the day is 4:00.  So, 8:00- 6:00 sounds merciful to me.  And, it's a one day tournament.  Yay!!  I have a day off.

Saturday night DD and I will laze around the house and watch TV.

Sunday she and I are tackling her room.  A huge deep clean.  Clothes out of drawers, everything out of the closet, books off the shelves, etc.  And we are purging.  A lot.  She is dreading it.  I cannot wait.

DS won't get home until about 10:00 if the make it to the semi-finals and lose, later if they make it into the championship game.  We lost in the semi's at the tournament last year.  This year's team is better, but anything can happen.

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