Weekend Plans

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Weekend Plans
Fri, 06-08-2012 - 7:45am

What's going on this weekend?

Today I am working to get ready for our Disney trip.  I need to catch up all the laundry and start pulling out stuff to pack.  Sadly, I'll likely have to do laundry again.  I have gained so much weight that few of my pairs of shorts fit anymore.  It's so hot there that I know I will be wanting to change during the day if we go back to the hotel to swim. 

I laid out some ribeyes for supper.  Jeff is coming over and we are going to go over the list of who is buying what for the car ride down there.   We need drinks, snacks, movies, music, etc.  And we'll eat steaks, scalloped potatoes, and salad for supper. 

After Jeff leaves I will go get DD.  She has to be at the ball park at 8:15 tomorrow morning.  She'll stay with me and I'll get her there for that stupid early warm-up time.  I'll run while she's warming up.  She plays at 9:30.  She and her pitcher get there early for an extra warm-up.  They play so well together.  It works out great for the pre-game warm-ups.  DD catches better the longer she goes and the pitcher throws better the longer she goes.  So they try to get in about 50-100 pitches before the game starts. 

Her game is in the end of year tournament.  If they win, they play again at 12:30.  If they lose, she is done.  Sad.  I hate it when the softball season is over.  I'm happy she's playing this summer.  

So, if she wins, I have to miss DS's game.  His next round torunament game is at the baseball field at 1:00.  I don't want DD to lose, but if she does I can see his game. 

After games I'll keep working on Disney laundry and packing.  And cleaning my house so I don't come home to a mess.

Saturday night DD's softball team is having a pizza party.  I'll take her to that.  And then she will go to her dad's house.

Sunday is church (maybe, I am pretty much on my summer sabbatical now), finish cleaning, and finish packing.  And take DD to softball practice.  

That evening I am going to pack up the car, getting Jeff's stuff too. 

Monday morning we will be on the road by 5:00 AM.  Anyone want to cover my Monday QOTD?

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Sun, 06-10-2012 - 12:17am
I wound up with "bratty little grandkid" overnight last night. He is 8. For breakfast he requested pancakes with butter, syrup and strawberries and a cup of coffee. Lol. He has strange taste for a little kid. I gave him half coffee and half milk with s good dose of sugar. Then I had to take him with me to Roly Poly's vet appointment clear the other side of Fort Worth. We had a long wait and the kid chatted it up with everyone else in the waiting room.

The good news is Roly has been declared cured and he doesn't have to go back. He is also off prescription food and I'm to transition him to Hills Sensitive Stomach formula. Now that he is off prescription food I have to supply it.

DD came a little after noon to pick up her kid. None of us had eaten lunch so we cleaned up a bunch of my leftovers.

After they left I went to PetSmart to get Roly's food and ran into the people I adopted my cat from.

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Sun, 06-10-2012 - 10:55am
Good to hear Roly's cured!

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Sun, 06-10-2012 - 3:06pm

There is a meeting of the Friends of Arlington Animal Services volunteer group at 4 this afternoon.  I'm not usually free on Sunday afternoons, but I am today, and I think I'll go.

I'm giving Roly Poly a week on his new food, just to make sure he's really OK, before I put him out there for adoption, and I need to rewrite Roly Poly's on-line bio.  He has been listed in the adoptable Pugs all this time.  I don't know if they have received any nibbles.  He has a really cute face, but it's not easy to place the older ones.