Weekend Plans?

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Weekend Plans?
Fri, 11-09-2012 - 7:22am

Long post typed out and I lost it. Back to Word. Ugh.

I think we are all slowly getting back on the board so maybe we can get back in our routine.

I have little going on this weekend.   I love this time of year.   DS is practicing basketball, but no games yet.   DD has tons of softball, but it’s not at bad times.

Tonight we are having board game night.   DS requested oven fried chicken.   We’ll have that with mashed potatoes and green beans.  

Tomorrow morning DD has softball early.   The boy and I will hit the grocery.  

Once we get home it’ll be time to clean.   DD and I are also going to go through recipes for a good Thanksgiving dessert.   She is addicted to looking at Pinterest recipes (like me).   She’s intrigued by a red velvet cheesecake.

Tomorrow night I have no idea.

Sunday is church and then some lazy.   Yay.

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Fri, 11-09-2012 - 9:33am

I had to click through the log in screen a couple times to be able to post- hope that is not a sign of evil things to come! I have not had any problems logging in or posting so far, so it makes me nervous!

Are your schools closed for the Veterans Day holiday on Monday, Tracy? Maybe not, since you just had election day off.... I am looking forward to that extra day!

I have my last day of conferences today - done by noon, though, since I scheduled until 7:30 on Wednesday night.  Going to Tristan's conference at 7:30 this morning. Looking at his grades online, it is not going to be fun in at least one class.... wish my boys were more academically inclined! Even the promise of drivers ed doesn't seem to be motivating Tristan!

I have a doctor's appointment at 2, today, and I have to return some fundraising stuff by 5 pm, but after that I should be home until Tuesday - woo-hoo! Church and rehearsal on Sunday, grocery shopping, etc, but no other commitments. Need to do a little deep cleaning.

Erick has the weekend off, but works Monday, Not sure what we will be doing.

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Fri, 11-09-2012 - 9:52am

No complaints about the weather!


Today Nov 9


High: 58°F Sunny

Chance of rain: 0%

Wind: SSW at 11 mph

Tonight is nothing.  I may start the house cleaning.  DH is supposed to have an “interview” about possibly helping a local company with snow removal this winter. 



Sat Nov 10

Partly Cloudy

High: 66° Partly Cloudy

Chance of rain: 20%

Wind: SSW at 16 mph

Saturday we are doing outside work getting ready for winter.  Last grass mowing, cut down the flower beds, put the garden rails away, put the grill and hose up, etc.  I know you’re all jealous!  lol  After that I’m thinking of taking the girls to mass and then going out to eat and making a quick trip to Meijer to get a few groceries.


Sun Nov 11

Partly Cloudy / Wind

High: 64° Partly Cloudy / Wind

Chance of rain: 10%

Wind: S at 20 mph

Sunday DH is thinking he may have to work, so I’ll clean the house and do laundry.  Sunday is Veteran’s Day and every year the local VFW does their Bean Soup and Cornbread.  I’ll head up and get some for supper.  The girls claim they don’t like it so they can have chicken nuggets!

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Fri, 11-09-2012 - 2:37pm

Don't know if I've mentioned it here or not but our water heater has been leaking.  It's getting worse so I am hoping we get that fixed this week-end.  Money I did NOT have to spend on a new water heater... ugh! 

I had to get an advance paycheck today because I am not scheduled to be paid til next Thursday... and I found out yesterday that my aunt Caren (and her friend, Donna) who lives in California are planning on being here Tuesday instead of the day after Thanksgiving!  She will be staying with me because nobody in our family wants the trouble of cleaning their houses, making a spot for them to sleep and all the other responsibilities you have when you have out of town guests at your house for a visit.  I guess she got pissed at her neighbor so she decided to leave over a week early... weird! 

Anyway... we have to work on that problem, then clean up the basement for her... not to mention do all the laundry and clean the upstairs (bathroom, tub, mop floors, etc.).  

Tomorrow my cousin Sheryl will come over to help us get stuff cleaned up... she is the only one who comes to help me.  She is always full of energy and I love being around her... you can't be in a bad mood when she's around.  So that is always good.

Sunday is church and then football if we get everything done tonight & tomorrow... if not, we'll be working on the house Sunday too.  Talk about being jealous... Susan, I think I might have you beat!

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Fri, 11-09-2012 - 3:40pm

Yes you do Daisy!  :) 

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Fri, 11-09-2012 - 8:18pm

Off for Veterans Day?   I wish.   We go five days this week, then 2 the next for Thanksgiving.   This year is trucking on by.

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Sat, 11-10-2012 - 7:08am

Im working today, 10 till 4... Im demo-ing tea today! finally a sample I can try! I dont wanna waste WW points on fattening crap LOL. Work is closed tomorrow, so Im hoping to get some marked down bread, and meat...

Plans for tomorrow? staying home, need to do some housework.... and we bought some ground beef on sale, and I need to put it in baggies, and in the freezer... Nothing too exciting!

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Sat, 11-10-2012 - 1:12pm

You get Wednesday off before Thanksgiving, though, Tracy... we have a two-hour early release that day instead of a day off. I remember as a kid we always had school that day, but attendance was pretty low - lots of people traveling over the river and through the woods. We don't have as low of attendance at my current school on that day.

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Sat, 11-10-2012 - 6:04pm

Our kids have the Monday after Thanksgiving off?  and then Thursday off for conferences !

Friday I took a vacation day- hung out with this little man that just came into our life =)..  Casey went out with a friend and ask if  Chase could spend the night so we had him overnight.

This morning I had a day care class- I have to go to training 10 hrs a year to keep up with my 'unlicence' .. I cleaned Johns office- we went to a Chinese buffet for lunch.. Took Maggie to WalMart and Amyah saw her teacher from head start., She cried after that and said she missed her so  much.  She was so sad- my heart hurt. They went home and wrote her a letter !

I worked some in the garage- my little dumpster is full..

Tomorrow I need to clean inside..  But the doors and windows will be open !

Happy Week-End ALL!