Basic Egg Noodle

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Basic Egg Noodle
Sat, 03-31-2012 - 2:22pm
Basic Egg Noodle Recipe
  • Eggs
  • 1 Tsp Salt
  • Flour

You can customize the recipe for how large or small of a group you are serving. For every 1/2 cup of flour you will need 1 egg. So, to serve a family of 6, use 4 eggs and 2 cups of flour.

In a medium sized bowl, add the flour. Create a well in the middle of the flour and add the eggs. With a wooden spoon or fork, stir the mixture until the flour is completely incorporated and the dough is stiff.

Flour a large bread board / cutting board heavily. Dump your dough mixture out onto the floured board. Knead additional flour into the dough. Unlike pie crust (you don’t want to work pie crust too much) you want to continue to add flour to the dough until it is thick and smooth in texture. Just work with it and use your instincts.

Roll out the dough (again… make sure your board is well floured so your noodles won’t stick) until very thin – roll, flip it over, roll, flip it over, etc. Once your dough is rolled out, using a pizza cutter, slice your dough into thin vertical strips. Make a couple of slices horizontally until your noodles are a desired size.

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