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If you think you might be pregnant, welcome to our waiting room! Do you have questions about symptoms and tests or just need to obsess with someone who understands? Share your concerns about any topic of pregnancy and offer your own support to others who are also playing the waiting game. 

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Maca aided fertility 0 gmcbroom Tue, 09-02-2014 - 4:13am
BY gmcbroom
I forget what the early symptoms are. LOL 1 mamaemmot Tue, 07-22-2014 - 10:17pm
BY rdfarmwife
Internet cheapies 1 mamabear87 Tue, 07-22-2014 - 10:04pm
BY rdfarmwife
Internet cheapies 0 mamabear87 Wed, 07-16-2014 - 11:34am
BY mamabear87
i DON'T want to be pregnant 1 momnanny Thu, 07-03-2014 - 1:35pm
BY alviejo1o
maybe baby? lol 1 hopeful_kayla Tue, 06-10-2014 - 11:01am
BY hayleebaylee
delete 0 hopeful_kayla Wed, 05-28-2014 - 5:00pm
BY hopeful_kayla
some positive HPT some Neg HPT confused 2 lovmycoffee Wed, 05-21-2014 - 3:41pm
BY demecafe
Symptoms but no positive test! 1 Loobylou85 Wed, 05-21-2014 - 10:06am
BY hayleebaylee
Oh my gosh, this made me cry too 0 Babykezele Thu, 03-06-2014 - 2:35pm
BY Babykezele