Had my surgery

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Had my surgery
Tue, 08-27-2013 - 10:31pm

I had my knee replacement on August 1.  They had me up walking in the hall the next morning and it wasn't as bad as I thought until I got home. 

I've heard that the first 2 weeks are the worst and I believe them. PT has been coming out 3 times a week and my knee on the second visit bent to 92 degrees but then I had an infection in the incision and was in the ER a week after surgery with IV antibiotics and an ultrasound to make sure a painful red area on my shin wasn't a blood clot.  Negative for that but they felt it was cellulitis.  10 days of an antibiotic which left me nauseated and I'm much better but now my knee feels swollen and tight and I can't get it to bend past 92 degrees with much pain.  Last visit to the doc and he said I was at 110 degrees before surgery and if I can't get to that point he may have to take me back to surgery and put me to sleep to manually bend the knee. 

I'm working hard to get it to bend better on my own but feel like I'm going backwards even though the therapist tells me not to focus on the number but see how far I've come.  I'm now walking with a cane and during the therapy we walk outside about 2-3 blocks.  I can lift my leg on my own with no pain and I'm doing the exercises while standing at the sink I'm suppose to be doing. 

I'm waiting for the point that everyone says will come where I'll be saying "why didn't I do this sooner"