1 in 8 Americans has Diabetes

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1 in 8 Americans has Diabetes
Wed, 02-20-2013 - 10:23am

It seems like a shocking number, but according to Health Day News, 1 out of every 8 Americans has type II Diabetes. "A staggering one in eight Americans has been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, a new Harris Interactive/HealthDaypoll suggests.And more than one third of those polled have been diagnosed with diabetes or have a parent, sibling, spouse or child with the condition." MORE

What are your thoughts on this horrible news?

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Wed, 02-20-2013 - 12:01pm

I would absolutely believe it. I personally think it has reached a crisis point in this country and the government needs to do something before the cost of caring for this disease breaks us all. I think recognition, prevention, management, and control of Diabetes needs to be taught from Kindergarten up and the airways/media need to saturated with information on this terrible disease. We have got to do something now as a whole before this situation destroys us.

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Wed, 02-20-2013 - 12:03pm

It's not really surprising when you realise that being overweight, diet and physical inactivity are factors that can contribute to type 2 diabetes. But it was scary to me to read that a lot of people don't realize diabetes can lead to strokes. 

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Fri, 02-22-2013 - 2:42am

I agree much needs to be done about the increase in diabetes. Some good news is that our children are eating less and exercising more and their weight is coming down a little. I think that is where we have to start. Certain sections of this country are doing a terrible job in taking care of themselves and are eating very poorly and not exercising. We have children getting kidney transplants at age 18 because of diabetic kidney disease. These children will be lucky to make 35 and with huge medical costs. I just got 2 of my diabetic meds, syringes and needles and test strips today from my mail away pharmacy and it cost over $2,000 dollars. Now this will carry me for three months but even so this is one expensive disease. I do have insurance but what happens to people who don't have it. Here in CA it get better because people who don't have insurance will be able to get it starting this fall as part of the Affordable Care Act. But I can't say the same for the rest of the country and especially in the deep south where diabetes is so rampant. One other thing that I think should be banned is high fructose corn syrup. Fructose leads to insulin resistance. When we dropped the fats from prepared foods we increased the HFCS and we wonder why obesity occurred. Sometimes we are our own worse enemies.

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Sat, 01-11-2014 - 10:59am
I lost 25+ pounds in 4 months. When i was diagnosed, that is the first thing doctor asked me to do. I did it in a very structured way. I use an online program called friendofdiabetes.com to log an monitor my data. Basically, After I was diagnosed, I just controlled my diet [less of carbs] and exercised regularly. The results were dramatic.