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Tue, 07-02-2013 - 11:49am

4th of July is coming! We recently discussed diabetic diets. With all of the not diabetic foods we think of for those summer picnics, have you found 'safer' foods? How do you handle those situations?

My mom was diabetic, and I started cutting sugar from foods while she was alive. Today, I will no longer buy or make food I should not eat. Last summer I spend what money I had on food for a 10 year olds birthday party, that he wanted to have at my house, and then they didn't come. I was stuck with non diabetic food and no real money to buy more... So, now, I only buy things I CAN eat.

I have found a recipe for potato salad, that we love that is much lower in calories and carbs than typical. I bake pies with regular splenda. For Fathers Day I baked a carrot cake from scratch with cream cheese frosting with a little over 220 calories and maybe 14 grams of carbs per piece and it was GOOD.

What have you found works for you?