Do you follow a special diet for your diabetes?

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Do you follow a special diet for your diabetes?
Sun, 09-15-2013 - 10:13am

Do you stick to a diet like Weight Watchers or South Beach Diet or do you have some other way of managing your eating? Thanks

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Thu, 09-19-2013 - 6:45pm

Hi and welcome to the board. I have eaten in a diabetic style ever since I was diagnosed almost 25 years ago. But diabetic eating as evolved during that time. I now carb count and that is liberating. Your doctor needs to say how many carbs s/he wants you eating and then a dietitian will help you plan how you stay within those boundaries. This is called medical nutritional therapy and it is part of diabetic care.

Additionally in diabetes we have a saying "If if is white, don't bite". This is because white carbohydrates raise your blood sugar more quickly than other carbohydrates. By white we mean white potatoes, white flour, white rice and white sugar. Fruits and veggies and complex carbohydrates don't raise your blood sugar as quickly as the others. The more fiber something has attached to it the less likely it is to raise your blood sugar quickly.

If you need to lose weight the South Beach diet was developed for diabetics. Weight Watchers also had a diabetic eating plan.

But I would recommend seeing aif your doctor will refer you to a dieitian which specializes in diabetes for meal planning help. It is really invaluable and most insurances will pay for this.

I hope you find this information helpful.