Holidays Spell Trouble for Folks Unaware They're Diabetic

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Holidays Spell Trouble for Folks Unaware They're Diabetic
Wed, 12-26-2012 - 10:15am

According to Health Day News, "Holiday eating and drinking could pose a risk for people who do not know that they have type 2 diabetes, an expert says." more

How do you cope with the holiday eating and drinking?


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They sure do! Even for those of us who know we are diabetic they pose a risk. I used to take a diet drink with me because too many times there was nothing that I could drink. Anymore I just get a glass of ice water if there is nothing available. But for people who don't know that they are diabetic it is possible for them to land in the local emergency room with a dangerously high blood sugar. So I guess the advise for everyone is to eat and drink modestly but have a good time also!


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I also wonder if many people get into trouble with going too high or too low who don't know they are diabetic.  Wonder if some of those pulled over for DUI'S might be partly due to the alcohol seriously affecting their BG levels. Person who might have been more than normally affected and blame it on stress, lack of food, tiredness but are really dealing with diabetic reactions.  Ironically it seems like it should be a time when many  get diagnosed faster because of that, but I fear that does not happen.

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What an interesting thought! I don't know if there are any data about this and I don't where to look.

Happy New Year.