How do I keep my hsuband out of the christmas cookies??

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How do I keep my hsuband out of the christmas cookies??
Wed, 12-11-2013 - 10:52am

My husband was disgnosed with diabetes this summer and he was told to watch his diet. He was doing real good until last week when everyone started putting out cookies and giving them to us. I want to know how to keep him away from the cookies. He cant just not take any or throw them away. They are like a magnet to him.


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This is a difficult situation, isn't it? The best solution may be to keep the cookies out of the house. Let friends and family know how difficult this is for both of you, and perhaps they can find another way to share the season with you. One of my friends gives all the cookies and treats she receives to a homeless shelter or a local soup kitchen and that makes her feel really good. ~Lynn @Glucerna

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Hi Kay,

Most cookies are around 18 grams of carbs each unless they have frosting. So if he has a cookie then he can't have something else. Let him choose. But of course the best bet would be not to even bring the temptation into the house. But ultimately you can't stop him from eating and at this season just try to help him make better choices. Maybe walking the malls shopping for Christmas presents will help him use up his calories! There are diabetic cooking that can be substituted. Both the ADA, DLIfe and Diabetic Living have good tasting cookie recipes.

Good Luck! And a Merry Christmas to all of you.

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Did you find a solution to the cookie problem with your husband? A way to 'walk' off the carbs? Would love to 'know' now that the holidays are over.