More people with Diabetes or more awareness

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More people with Diabetes or more awareness
Sun, 03-10-2013 - 4:13pm

Do you believe that there are more people developing Diabetes these days or are we just becomming more aware of it as a nation? I know they say something like 1 in 8 people in this country have it but I don't personally know anyone who does.

In case you are wondering why I am here, it is because I want to learn more about this in hopes to prevent it in myself and my family. This disease really scares me.

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Mon, 03-11-2013 - 7:35pm

Hi! Personally, I think it is 'both'. More do have it, but we are also more aware of it too. As people get bigger and less active, it becomes more likely to develop diabetes.

There are things you can do to slow down or prevent getting it. Stay as close to goal weight as you can. Eat well. Healthy carbs, vegetables and fruits and protein. Watch the sugar intake. And be active... Some of us on this board wear pedometers or fitbits. We keep track of our steps, and having a way to count them also gives us an incentive to do a few more. It does for me anyway.

If you have questions, ask. We will answer them if we can!

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Tue, 03-12-2013 - 8:16pm

More people have it and it is costing us billions of dollars for health care. We have children at age 18 getting kidney transplants for diabetic kidney disease. They will be lucky to live to age 35. These are children who have type 2 diabetes which in the past was an older person disease. We have communities such as American Indian tribes where before the advent of fast food diabetes was not known and now it is epidemic. This is not just occurring here in America but rather all over the world. India is the next place where diabetes is going to wreck havack with their health care system.

It is encouraging that we are seeing children here in the US with less weight gain so maybe we are making headway in preventing this disease. Let's hope so.

Cheryl has given you good advise in how to prevent diabetes. I would like to add one more thing and that is to lower the portion sizes. We are eating and drinking too much of things with useless calories. An energy drink has as many carbs in one can as most diabetics eat in one day. That's crazy!!

So please join us in moving around and eating well!