New here & losin' it fast!!!!

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New here & losin' it fast!!!!
Fri, 08-23-2013 - 1:36pm

Dx'd type 2 about 7 years ago, really struggled with it at first, then dx'd with high blood pressure--that at at least was controlled with meds w/in 6 mos & for last 2-3 years has been low, the last year or so really low; battled high cholesterol even before the diabetes, but have slowly been bringing the numbers down.  Thanks to a BIG weight loss & watching my diet better, both my A1C's and cholesterol levels have been in the normal range for the last 2 years--so things should be good right?  My doctor just left the practice & the new doctor tells me 1) that she needs to give me a different cholsterol medication "because mine is no longer available", 2) wants me to have some additional tests & see a kidney specialist.

Saw the kidney specialist earlier this week & have just been dx'd with Chronic Kidney Disease, Stage 3 and if my filtration rate (GFR) continues to decline at the rate that it has in the last 6 months, it will only be another 6 months before I'm on dialysis!  Had my 7 y/o  grandson with me who was being a brat so it was less than an ideal appontment, but the doctor said that my normal lab tests over the last 2 years had indications of gradually decreasing kidney function (& lucky me, I have about 20% naturally smaller than normal kidneys).  Right now my only treatment is to lower the dose of the blood pressure medication that they left me on, even though my blood pressure is low because it supposedly helped my kidneys, along with watch my diet & exercise.

YellAfter that news had sunk in, I decided to do some checking on why my cholesterol med had been removed from the market--turns out it hasn't been.  However there was an FDA warning to Docs in 2011 that particularly the 80mg dose in diabetics or older patients, could cause kidney damage .  Then I get to reading the side effects and it reads like a whos' who of different issues that had cropped up with me-the worst being muscle cramps/spasms as it can be tied to the kidney damage.  They've thrown another medication, sometimes even another doctor to cover the medications side effects then when the damage has been done, lied about the med itself.  Needless to say, I'm looking for a new primary doc & looking for an attorney (discovered there are already quite a few lawsuits regarding this med & kidney damage); unfortunately it won't replace my damaged kidneys & with all my health problems, I doubt I'm a candidate for a transplant--so I've basically been given a death sentance, probably far sooner than I ever intented (I'm 59).  At least I hope I can make it through the school year if I have to start dialysis--my daughter is completing her Masters of Education and doing her student teaching--she has two semesters to do, this semester is Early Childhood/Pre-School, then next semester is Early Elementary/K-3rd.  In the meantime, she & my grandson live with me & I'm the babysitter when she has class or when she works weekends (as a childrens librarian)--needless to say her income wouldn't support a paid babysitter, it does good paying the gas to get her to her student teaching.

Thanks for letting me unload, if anybody here has any experience with CKD, I'd appreciate hearing from you.