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Well I did manage to go 4 times around my block on Wednesday but it was just before dark and I ended up pushing faster I think on the last round.  So then Thursday my thighs were really hurting. Yesterday it was pouring rain, but I did get out again Saturday  a  bit earlier so I did manage to do 4 times around the block again. I did check my BG level before leaving the house,but then decided i did not have enough time to get something if I wanted to get 4 times in before it got dark.  My BG was 79 at the time.  As per my past experience body was ready to give up i think after 2 rounds, but i posted to a friend on FB that i was doing the rounds  and that kept me stubborn enough to do 4.  After I got done I think it had gone up to 87.    Have to see what body is like tomorrow and also what the weather is like. 

I do have appt with diabetic educator this coming week. Am going to take my food records for at least a few days.  Am thinking I may not be eating enough at meal times such as they are.  I do eat breakfast but often have something like a frozen meal and some yogurt and my coffee.  The other  meals tend to be spread over a period of time. Not sure she can help me with my other concerns.  Have  to say the vision thing is still really got me wound up.   I think its been a hot button issue for me all my life.  I do remember being very upset when my eye doctor told Mom she should see about putting me in special ed classes for kids with vision problems. She refused saying I was going to college, and  once I got  glasses I quickly moved from the barely reading group to the advanced reading one.

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A diabetic educator sounds interesting. I have never heard of it. Where do you find one and what kind of services do you they offer?

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They are one health care provider that all the diabetic centers recommend that diabetics be referred to and there aren't anywhere near enough of them to go around. Plus that, its hard to become a CDE. It requires a lot of study and test taking. I thought about becoming one but couldn't because I was disabled and didn't have an independent practice. Most are nurses but you can meet pharmacists, dietitians and even physicians who are CDE. CDE means certified diabetic educator. They work with diabetics to manage their disease, plan their eating and exercise, learn how to test their blood sugars, take their medication and all the other things that it takes to be a successful diabetic. Even though I am a nurse with a gazillion years of experience as a nurse and as a diabetic, I have a CDE assigned to me. So I can ask her questions about things that I don't understand or the latest treatment or piece of equipment, etc.

Unfortunately some insurances have stopped paying for diabetic education which is penny wise and pund foolish in my small mind. I don't know what is going to happen next year when the Affordable Care Act comes into full force. But education is liberating to people.