Hello, I am new here

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Hello, I am new here
Wed, 03-28-2012 - 12:43am

Hello, my name is Kayleen and I was recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I am 19 and have been experiencing this pain since I was 14, and nobody knew why, at one point in time a doctor said I was making it all up for attention and another literally said I was crazy in front of myself and my mother. I was unable to graduate high school because of this disease, I suffer from chronic migraines, pain all over my body, fatigue and I have a gluten sensitivity. I was taking 5 classes at the high school, 5 classes at the community college and working approximately 20 hours a week (I was getting credit to work) all so I could graduate on time, I had one C the rest of my grades were A's and B's, but I missed 14 days of class and got kicked out of school cause they no longer got paid for my attendance even though I had chronic health forms. It broke my heart to watch some kids who didn’t care about school walk through a graduation ceremony when I had to sit on the sidelines. I received my GED, passed the test with flying colors. I lost so many "friends". Some days I don't have the energy to even get dressed which makes the idea of a party or bowling etc completely overwhelming. About 2 months ago I started my gluten free diet and my relationship with food has completely changed, I use to hate eating, I would get sick almost after every meal. I also recently started yoga which has changed my life, I know that sounds cliché but it is true. I am on a small dosage of gabapentin and my doctor is slowly increasing it, it makes me so tired I can't drive, but is slowly starting to make me feel a little better. Some days are better than others, some day’s just plain suck. I am here because I don't feel like anybody understands. I am 19 I should be perfectly healthy, going out and having fun, my friends don’t understand why I am always in pain. I have a wonderful family support system but it would be nice to talk to somebody who can look at their clothes for the day and understand the thought that getting dressed seems so exhausting and can hurts to move in certain ways. I feel like the hardest part of my day is the morning, I never feel like I get enough sleep, I wake up a lot during the night and feel the most in pain the first couple hours I am awake does anybody have any suggestions for me? I have learned that taking my vitamins first thing in morning helps me out a lot but that is it.

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Wed, 03-28-2012 - 9:47am

I can totally relate, since I have had this junk most of my life, too!

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Hi, Kayleen. Sorry, I didn't read this post before answering your later post. I'm not around much, sitting at the computer after working all day tends to bother me more than it used to.

I started having problems in my teens,


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