It's "back to school" time again

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It's "back to school" time again
Mon, 08-20-2012 - 8:52am

My kids don't go back until next week, though a lot of parents are packing their kids off for their first day of school today.  Am I the only one who still buys new pens, paper, etc this time of year?  I will always feel like the first day of school is the "official" new year, not January 1st.  This weekend, I'm moving my son into his dorm, all of 20 miles away, though it feels like it's a million.  He starts his junior year of college next Monday, the smartie, since he was in a special nerd program and graduated with 65 college credit hours!  My "baby" is starting 7th grade the same day, and I'll be home alone all week until he gets home, which will be around 6pm, since he's doing sports this year.  I am a little sad, but I am also so proud of my kids for being such sweet, good kids; I'm going to miss my son like I'd miss chocolate, though.   

Are any of you getting ready for the new school year?  Do you feel like you have a whole new fresh start on life like I do this time of year or is it just me???  I managed to get through the summer with only a fairly mild flare, compared to the last several years, and now that Fall is almost here, along with Football, I'm excited!  I'm going to see my first pro game live with my sister, hopefully with tailgating and everything!  Yup, I have 2 sons who hate football, so I'm going with my sister and her partner, bwahahaha.  Life is just like that.