Stress DOES make you sick, according to scientists.

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Stress DOES make you sick, according to scientists.
Mon, 08-12-2013 - 12:16pm

I found an interesting little article about how stress really does make you sick.  I felt like saying, "Uh, DUH!!!!"  I am stressed out to the point of breaking at this point in my life, and it's making my body very unhappy, to say the least.  I hate to whine, but no one else wants to listen to it, lol.  I got divorced less than a year ago, my ex is doing everything he can to make my life miserable, as he promised he would should we ever divorce.  He paid his lawyer to send me a threatening letter demanding I pay a fee for changing the electric to my name, even though all he has to do is send them some paperwork to waive it.   Why not send a text, email, or hey, call instead?  Because that would be too easy.  Clearly, showing up on Mother's Day weekend to move his things in storage, because, you know, he isn't working the entire summer and that was the only time that made sense, and crashing my Mother's Day breakfast with my kids wasn't enough?  My youngest son has been gone visiting him for 2 months and has only called me about 3 times.  I have two additions to my house with leaking roofs that need to be fixed ASAP, and my house doesn't have enough equity to get a loan, so now I have to go through the hassle of filling out more paperwork and stressing over getting 2 -3 estimates so I can get a home repair loan, then just praying I can.  I just feel like crying all the time.  I woke myself up the other day crying out in pain when I turned over in bed.  That's a new one even for me.  My father, being so helpful, went on a rant about illegal aliens, because if I were an illegal alien, of course the bank would lend me all the money I wanted.  It's times like this that I really feel the loss of my mother last year.  She had some dementia, but at least she would have been on my side and said something totally hysterical to make me feel better.  Oh, well.  On to the next day, right?

So, here's the link to the article that proves what we all already know.