U.S. Spent $2.5 Trillion on Health Care in 2009: Report

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U.S. Spent $2.5 Trillion on Health Care in 2009: Report
Mon, 01-02-2012 - 11:22am

According to recent Health Day News Highlights, the US spent $2.5 Trillion in health care in 2009 (and does so most every year) which averaged out to over $8,000 per person. Do you think you spend that much? What could you have done to reduce that cost?

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Am I the only one surprised that its only around 8k per person? I expected that number to be more like 20k per person.
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If youcount our medicare premiums (since we exceed the governments' idea of minimum income, medicare premiusm are deducted from our monthly Social Security check) and our insurance payments, that is over $7000 already! And then there are the deductibles (which went up this year) and the co-pays, and something like $5000 for long-term care insurance --- so yes, I beleive $8000 per person!

How can it be lowered? I wish I knew. All our expenditures so far are for preventative and chronic care. If we had any catastrophic illness, it would skyrocket for sure!

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We don't get charged directly for any medical appointments, (unless its' an alternative practitioner, masssage therapist, physio, etc.) But last year I had lots of appointments with doctors, specialists, tests, and a ton of prescriptions, so I'm not sure how much the actual cost of my medical care was last year, but I couldn't imagine paying out that much every year!