Can someone in their 20's have sleep apnea?

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Can someone in their 20's have sleep apnea?
Mon, 09-16-2013 - 10:14am

Can someone in their 20's have sleep apnea or is that generally something older people get? How would you go about asking the doctor to test you for it?

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Tue, 09-17-2013 - 9:53am

It tends to be more prevelant in males over 40 or people we are overweight, but anyone can have sleep apnea.  Here is a link with risk factors and an explanation of it:

If you think you or someone else has sleep apnea, all you should need to do is bring it up to your doctor and ask for a referral for a sleep study.  If it is a matter of a blockage, a referral to an ENT may be more appropriate.  My middle daughter's adenoids were severely enlarged and it was causing her night time breathing issues, she snored, had bad breath and had incessant ear infections from drainage backing back up into her ears.  Once we had her adenoids removed, she was much better.  Just another thing to explore.