chronic vaginal bleeding pain

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chronic vaginal bleeding pain
Thu, 12-26-2013 - 3:26am

I am a 32 year old female with some serious health problems. I will start with whats happening now then below I will list things the doctors have confirmed in the last 2 years and procedures they have done. I have had pain after intercourse for years but it seems to be getting worse within the last 3 months. I also have had some watery mucus like bleeding- NOT PERIOD off and on for the first month then has kept getting more frequent. I keeps a liner (unscented) on and only wear cotton underwear to make sure it wasn't a yeast infection type thing. I have started having this get worse not stopping more and more blood and pain increasing. Pain is in right side and low back, at times can hardly move. I have had cyst rupture before but this is worse than that. I have called my Gyno but I am on a list to get first cancellation. If you have any ideas or questions I should ask the doctor please let me know. I really need relief from this. Oh and my pad hardly has any blood but wipe its crazy amounts now. Thanks for looking.

*Endometrosis- laparoscopy tied tubes and removed cystic tissue from ovaries. July 2013

*PCOS- tried several types of meds , never did metformin because they didnt want me to chance getting pregnant with some of my other health problems.

*Digernerative Disc in spine- tried therapy, anti-inflamitory meds, pain meds, and next is nerve block. fighting for over 2 yrs but getting serious help since Aug 2013

*Arthritis- Everywhere it feels like. mainly hands, feet, neck, and knee-cortizone injections and almost 2 months ago knee surgery which didnt work will have replacement next year.* They think I may have Lupus since I have several of the symptoms.

*Migraines-have been on every medicine possible for it to no avail.

*Bipolar- Effexir and Lamictal therapy 2-4 times a month for over 2 years

*social anxiety and severe depression, stomach ulcers in past, severe adult onset allergy to onions, chronic sinus infections, and the list goes on.

Ok I know I am broken I feel like I am falling apart.