Dealing with a Bipolar Woman

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Dealing with a Bipolar Woman
Thu, 09-08-2011 - 9:28pm

There is a person in my life who has caused a lot of trouble and hurt for me over the past fews years. A lot of the damage they did was done on purpose and now that i am seeking help i would like to write them a letter telling them how much their actions hurt me. I think that people should have to face the damage they cause when they do bad things and i think that this person really needs to own up to and see what their actions have done. Unfortunately this person also suffers from bipolar disorder. i am not very familiar with the disease but i do know that those suffering with it can battle severe depression. If I write a letter to this person confronting them for their actions am I likely to cause them to go into depression? I don't want to be the cause of anyone elses pain, but at the same time i feel I have a right to confront them about their actions. So, would writing the letter be dangerous? Thanks!

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Fri, 09-09-2011 - 3:56pm

Hi Torsan, and welcome to the Women's Health board.

Your question is a tough one to answer, because the reaction of a person with bipolar disorder can vary widely from day to day — or sometimes hour to hour! I am not a health professional and can't speculate about how she might react.

Since you are seeking help for yourself, I would suggest talking to your own counselor about how to best approach the situation. Also, consider posting your question on our Families & Mental Illness board; some of the members there may have personal experience with matters such as what you are facing. Here is the link to it:

Best of luck.