Diet Sodas May Do More Harm Than Good

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Diet Sodas May Do More Harm Than Good
Wed, 07-24-2013 - 9:45am

A report published in the journal Trends in Endocrinology & Metabolism1 highlights the fact that diet soda drinkers suffer the same exact health problems as those who opt for regular soda, such as excessive weight gain, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and stroke.

The authors—who were “shocked” at the results—looked at studies published in the past five years that examine the relationship between diet soda consumption and health outcomes:

“This paper discusses these findings and considers the hypothesis that consuming sweet-tasting but noncaloric or reduced-calorie food and beverages interferes with learned responses that normally contribute to glucose and energy homeostasis.

Because of this interference, frequent consumption of high-intensity sweeteners may have the counterintuitive effect of inducing metabolic derangements,” they wrote.

Does reading an article or study like this make you rethink drinking diet sodas?
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Wed, 07-24-2013 - 11:08am

Absolutely. And I want to copy this for my husband. I have been trying to get him to stop drinking diet soda. He thinks it is a "healthier" option.