Doxycyline for Rosacea?

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Doxycyline for Rosacea?
Mon, 03-03-2014 - 11:32am

My husband has just been prescribed Doxycycline for his Rosacea. This is the 4th doctor we have been to and the first to prescribe pills. Does anyone have any experienc with this? We don't want to waste any more money on yet another treatment that won't help.

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Tue, 03-04-2014 - 1:49am

It might help him, the only way to find out is to try taking the pills for a while and see if he gets improvement.

I took tetracycline and got very good results with it. Then the manufacturers stopped making it so my doc had me try doxycycline. It didn't do anything for me, and it was a lot more expensive than tetracycline. So then we tried minocycline. It cleared up the bumps quickly, and it is less expensive than the doxycycline. I have the Rosacea well controlled now and have gradually cut the antibiotic back to two times a week (originally it was daily).

I also apply two lotions, clindamycin and a sulfa. I'm skeptical that either of them do doc said I can try discontinuing them. So far I have just cut back to using them a few times per week.

I think that the most control comes from other factors: diet and what else I put on my face. I always thought that chocolate caused flare-ups, but when I cut way back on sugar in general I started having fewer bumps. The only thing I ever put on my face besides the antibiotic lotions, the cleanser, and a Clinique moisturizer, is sunscreen. On the one hand, the doc says I should wear it everyday because sun will make the Rosacea worse. But I think that if I wear sunscreen too often it causes the bumps. So I wear it when I will be exercising outside but don't wear it on days when I'm just passing through the outdoors (like to and from the car).

Has your husband experimented with a food journal to see if he can find food triggers? Flushing is usually pretty easy to link to specific foods. Unfortunately the bumps don't come out immediately after eating an "offending" food so it can be hard to pinpoint; and sometimes there is a threshhold---like I can eat a little of something, but too much and I get bumps. Also, stress contributes to it, for me anyway. The 4th doctor, wow. Has he been seeing dermatologists? Mine had me start with a topical antibiotic (Metrogel) but when it didn't help much within a couple of months he started me on tetracycline. 

Good luck to him....I was diagnosed with Rosacea in 2001 so I've had a long time to figure things out.