Dr on vacation - I want my results!

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Dr on vacation - I want my results!
Fri, 02-03-2012 - 1:41pm

I had to have a colonoscopy yesterday, and they told me to call the next day for an appt with my dr for the results. I just called, the office is closed and he is on holidays as of today until Feb 13th! Which means I can't even MAKE an appt till then!

As I was waking up from the test, I heard one nurse tell another that they had to watch me very closely for bleeding because they had removed a very large polyp. She repeated "very large!" When I asked for information, they said I had to speak to the dr. When I asked if he would come speak to me before I went home, they said no, just make an appt.

I looked up polyps and it says that the bigger the polyp, the higher the risk that it might be cancer.

Great! I am over 50, overweight, have been having trouble with diarrhea and bleeding, have extensive cancer-related problems in most of my family - many of the risk factors.

I am trying really hard not to scare myself, but geeze! Two weeks to even make an appt? Why didn't they set that up before they closed the office - or let me know so I could do so??

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Fri, 02-03-2012 - 7:16pm

I have replied to you on the Digestive issues board already. I am sorry for what you are going through. I am surprised that the doctor did not talk with you himself when the test was over -- from my experience most do. Of course he would not have had test results, yet, but could have answered questions and perhaps allayed your fears a bit.