Dr, "You have a mass on your left breast"

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Dr, "You have a mass on your left breast"
Sun, 12-09-2012 - 2:57am

Hi everyone.  Not sure where to go or do but here it is...

I'm 44 years of age and never had a mammogram.  I am scared to death of the "C" word.  My father and brother died of cancer and since 2011 I've been the primary care giver of my 86 year old mother who lives out of state. Up until my mother's illness I have gone to my doctor's appts on time and regularly but now I have put her first and neglected myself.  For the past few months I've been telling my close initimate friends I need to get a mammogram but had lots of excuses of why I didn't go.  Long story short, I went for my yearly check up with a new gyno (yes, another excuse, my original dr is too far away now) and she found a mass at 1200.  Not only that, I had went the entire year without a period so she's concerned about that as well.  I now have a prescription for a Diagnostic Mammogram and a Pelvic Ultrasound. 

Thanks for listening and anyone who had familiar symptoms or are knowledgeable on this topic, your advice is greatly appreciated!

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Tue, 12-11-2012 - 11:54am

Big hugs to you! I know from personal experience how scary that can all be.

I discovered a lump in my breast 2 1/2 years ago. I had skipped one yearly mammogram because my life was very hectic. Long story short, I had a mammogram which found suspicious areas, a biopsy which revealed stage 0 cancer, and a mastectomy. 

But, as a previous poster has said, the majority of breast lumps are BENIGN! It is natural to worry, but try to keep it all in perspective. You are taking the steps you need to take now. Please keep in touch with us and don't hesitate to ask anything you think of.

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Mon, 12-10-2012 - 10:58am

I don't have any personal experience with something like this, but I had to respond and offer you positive thoughts and prayers. I totally understand how easy it can be to put off regular checkups, especially when you're taking care of on elderly parent. And now to be hit with that type of discovery is scary; you're going to worry, I know. But just remember that you're moving toward a goal to find out exactly what the problem is... and knowing makes it easier to focus on the next steps to take. I hope you'll keep us updated! {{Hugs}}

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Mon, 12-10-2012 - 10:17am

Oh I am so sorry you are going through this. I had a similar experience with a lump in my breast a few years go. Please take comfort in the fact that most masses are benign. Mine was. I only know of one woman who's turned out to be breast cancer and that was my mother in law and she was in her 70's.

I understand how horribly scary this is for you. When are your tests scheduled? I got my results right then and there and I hope you do too so you don't have to sweat it out any longer than necessary.