How do you keep from stressing out in front of the kids?

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How do you keep from stressing out in front of the kids?
Thu, 11-11-2010 - 11:29am

As parents, we try to paint a rosy picture for our children, right? We don't want our babes worrying about finances, heavy workloads or marital issues, but we apparently aren’t doing such a good job of shielding them from our woes. A new report from the American Psychological Association revealed that 91 percent of children ages 8-17 surveyed were aware of their parents' stress. The truth is, we may not talk about our issues, but our actions aren’t lost on our offspring.

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As I read this I thought how true.

My ds who just turned twenty-one figured out before I even did that I might possibly be dealing with "Depression"...

Being a single mom I tried to put on a happy face but kids need honesty to.

Letting them know is okay to have feelings and be scared sometimes.

Not burdening them unecessarily.

Letting them be kids but teaching them responsibility to.

My kids said I was and am a pretty cool Mom, that they had fun growing up.

ALL of us need time out for ourselves.

If we take care of us everything else hopefully will fall into place.