I'm 29. Gray body hairs are sprouting rampantly!

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I'm 29. Gray body hairs are sprouting rampantly!
Sat, 12-07-2013 - 2:42pm

I plan on visiting my doctor next month, but for now I'm swamped at work and hoping to find someone who can inform me if I should worry or not. 

I'm 29 and a half and female. Gray hairs on my head have been common for a while but getting worse, but the biggest issue for me right now is the body hair. Arm and leg hair, fine. I keep finding gray pubic hairs though!! Is this at all normal for someone my age?  In addition to that, I also keep seeing new gray hairs about a third of an inch to half an inch long growing out of my cheek. Not close enough to my mouth or chin to be a moustache or beard. Too far from ears to be relating to sideburns. Just plum in the middle of my cheek, which I have NEVER had random hairs grow before. 

I'm also getting fine and short gray hairs in my nose, like what is usually associated with men. :(

I'm too embarrassed to ask anyone in person about this besides my doctor. For now, can anyone help me figure this out? MANY thanks in advance!

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HI Always,

I don't have any real experience with this but it does sound like a trip to the doctor would put your mind at ease. It could be totally normal. :-)

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