Online gamers crack AIDS enzyme puzzle

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Online gamers crack AIDS enzyme puzzle
Mon, 09-26-2011 - 11:45am

Online gamers resolved something int 3 weeks that scientist couldn't figure out in decades: Online Gamers Crack AIDS Enzyme Puzzle

Absolutely amazing isn't it- Is this just the beginning of new medical breakthroughs?


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Mon, 09-26-2011 - 12:55pm

I just saw that headline online. Wondeful, sint' it. More or less takes away some of the negativity aimed at gamers, too, I suspect!

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Mon, 09-26-2011 - 9:15pm

Very cool! I hadn't seen this headline so thanks for sharing it.

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Wed, 09-28-2011 - 11:30am
I had read this before, and what I mostly thought was how many teenagers who game their life away in every free hour will be pointing this article out to their parents! LOL