Paid days off for menstruating women..

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Paid days off for menstruating women..
Wed, 07-31-2013 - 1:16pm A russian lawmaker is proposing paid days off for menstruating women according to NBC News. "A Russian lawmaker has asked parliament to give women two days paid leave a month when they menstruate, a move that has irked rights activists worried over creeping conservatism since Vladimir Putin resumed the presidency.

Mikhail Degtyaryov, a member of the nationalist LDPR party led by the outspoken Vladimir Zhirinovsky, wrote on his website that he had proposed a draft law to increase the protection of women at the workplace.

"During that period (of menstruation), most women experience psychological and physiological discomfort. The pain for the fair sex is often so intense that it is necessary to call an ambulance," said Degtyaryov, 32, who is married with two sons." read more

Your thoughts?


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Wed, 07-31-2013 - 1:46pm

Wow is right!  I was in disbelief when I saw this title when was looking for a board and couldn't resist responding.  What a horrible, horrible man who is so biased against women that I feel sorry for his wife and sons.   It makes me wonder how his wife acts when she gets her period.  An ambulance, seriously?  If that's the case than they need to seek medical advice, and probably have a serious condition like endometriosis.   I don't need a man giving me days off when I have my period, I'm more than capable of functioning.  I read the article, what a pompous jerk!

Degtyaryov, a candidate in a Moscow mayoral election on September 8 who is polling at less than one percent support, said pain during menstruation heightened fatigue, reduced memory and efficiency at work, and provoked distinct emotional discomfort.

I think he needs to propose to parliament that they also need to make allowances for men who haven't had sex in a certain amount of time, they can get pretty crabby when they have a build up of sperm ;)  I think it's even worse than PMS!  


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Wed, 07-31-2013 - 1:49pm

Amen Chelsea! I hope that moron never has daughters. Talk about going backwards....

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Wed, 07-31-2013 - 2:24pm

Yes, come to think of it, the ER is FILLED with menstruating women who have called ambulances because they can't deal w/ the pain of menstruation. Tongue Out Hey, two paid days...maybe we could all claim our periods lasted three weeks and get paid for that. As ignorant as he is, he might believe it.

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Thu, 08-01-2013 - 4:29pm

I agree that it's totally sexist but hey, two PAID days off... I'd happily take 'em.

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Fri, 08-02-2013 - 7:00pm

That is absurd! What an idiot!