Strange period

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Strange period
Tue, 02-07-2012 - 12:58pm

Has anyone experienced a period that was light (seemed like it ended day 5 or 6) but then on day 7, it came back? I was so surprised to see the bleeding. Even on day 8 (two days ago), I wasn't sure whether it was truly over. At least the bleeding did end on day 7 (but again, day 8 seemed brown or very light red). I think late yesterday and this morning, I finally felt like it's truly over.

When I was younger, I did once experience 9 days of bleeding. After I started drinking more water, that helped and since then every cycle has lasted 7 days (sometimes 6). But lately, I've noticed some cycles where cramps were worse than usual (lasting to day 4 or 5 - endometriosis?) and some flows heavier. I started taking the EPO supplement and noticed that cramps were eliminated days 1-3 but still cramping day 4.

Then, I started taking advil and boy what a difference! Lighter flows, minimal cramps. This last period seemed to good to be true - barely cramping,light flow. But the depression/moodiness was ridiculous! And the chocolate craving was in full force!

I'm a vegetarian so I'm wondering if it's possible that I'm anemic? I started eating more Luna bars before my period and have noticed that this resulted in a lighter flow. I have started taking iron supplements to increase my iron intake.

I am a contract temp employee and therefore uninsured. I'm making an appointment with a health clinic in my college town (it's federally funded so I can pay on a sliding scale). It's been 4 years since my last physical/labwork.

Should I just have a general physical? Given the fact that I've had some weight loss, I know I need to rule out things like diabetes, thyroid (I've been borderline for years and my mom

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Wed, 02-08-2012 - 2:56pm

Hi and welome! I understand your concern, but it is not something to panic over. There are lots of things that could cause something like that, or it could just be a blip and never happen again. Chances are it is nothing serious. I think you should definitely have a general physical exam to rule out any of the problems you mention, but you need to give the doctor your whole story because they will probably want to include a pelvic exam -- some family physicians do those, so you may not have to see a gyn.

Since you are vegetarian I am wondering if you consume a lot of soy products. Soy can disrupt hormone activity in some people, especially if your intake is high.