What health topic do you look for the most information?

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What health topic do you look for the most information?
Mon, 09-19-2011 - 10:31am

What health topic do you seek the most information about? Where do you look?

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Always looking for information about the heart. I am the Community Leader for Heart Health.

For Arthritis it's Arthritis Central.

Love Women;s Health at ivillage. Lurk there mostly.

Families and Mental Illness.

Depression Support.

Pain Issues.

Love ALL of these Boards and all of the information and support is truly amazing!

So I guess it's not just one.

My List goes on and on.

Still finding New Boards.

Check out the Tour!

I am dealing with a lot right now but ivillage and I have had a long relationship.

Remember when we had e-mail and also we learned how to make our own Web Pages.

I am still here.

My virtual home...;)


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I don't have a particular topic --- I rely on my GP when I have health questions.

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I was diagnosed with colitis last year, so often look for info on IBD and how it relates to diet. iVillage has a great board, and I often check the Mayo clinic site.