When your co-worker is sick...

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When your co-worker is sick...
Thu, 12-30-2010 - 8:35am

Does it bother you when a co-worker comes in hacking and sniffing for days on end? Should there be a policy that makes a sick person stay home? How do you handle sick co-workers?

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Mon, 01-03-2011 - 1:31pm
Oh gosh! Now that I work from home, I don't find this to be an issue, but when I worked in an office.... whole other story.

I worked in one office where there was a woman who never missed a day if she was sick. It didn't matter if she was running a 103* fever, hacking, coughing, or couldn't talk because her laryngitis was so bad, she was there. Inevitably, someone else was taking a day or two off a few days later because of the same symptoms. It would make the rest of us so mad that the "instigator" of the illnesses wouldn't just stay home a day and recover rather than exposing all of the rest of us to her illness.

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Tue, 01-04-2011 - 11:24am

I'm fortunate not to work in an office anymore, but it used to infuriate me when people insisted on coming to work sick so they could infect everyone else. We had a generous sick leave policy, so I never understood why they wouldn't take off a couple of days to rest and recuperate. No one is indispensable for the time it takes to get over a cold, or at least get past the contagious period.

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Tue, 02-22-2011 - 2:08pm

Funny, but I am writing to you sick because I got this from my co-worker. I in turn am coming into work too, just to make everyone else sick.

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Tue, 02-22-2011 - 2:16pm
LOL! I guess what comes around goes around, huh? ;)

I hope you're feeling better soon.

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Wed, 02-23-2011 - 3:41pm

Hello, and welcome to the Women's Health board!

I wish we could all return to the days, not so long ago, when "vacation" and "sick time" were kept separate. Having one bundle of "PTO" really discourages people from staying home when they're ill. As you said, who wants to dip into their allotment of paid time off to stay home sick?

I hope that you feel better soon, that you aren't spreading your germs to your coworkers, and that your employer changes its policy!

Take care.

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Sun, 03-27-2011 - 3:07pm

It has always driven me crazy, because far more time is lost when several people get sick, than what is lost when one person takes time off work.

When I was teaching it was terrible, because the students would not stay away, from fear of not completing assignments, and hello! thanks! With the heating system on, the windows frozn shut, and all of us in a hot cramped classroom that could not be aired out, far too many of us fell ill.