Whooping Cough

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Whooping Cough
Mon, 07-23-2012 - 9:00am

Early last year I was taking my young granddaughter to the pediatrician's office and her pediatrician told me that Whooping Cough cases were on the rise and asked me to make sure that my family got booster shots to help prevent the granddaughter from getting it. I was a little surprised but we did as we were asked.

Now suddenly, I'm seeing it all over the news that Whooping Cough is making a comeback and could be one of the worst epidemics in decades. According to AP News, "With nearly 18,000 cases so far this year, health officials say this is shaping up to be the worst national epidemic in more than 50 years for the highly contagious disease." MORE

Were you ever vaccinated for Whooping Cough? Would you consider getting a booster to protect someone else's child?

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