Adult onset strabismus- Could it be my thyroid?

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Adult onset strabismus- Could it be my thyroid?
Sun, 03-18-2012 - 9:20pm
I've been borderline hyperthyroid for years. My mom was dx with hypo last year. Because my numbers have been borderline, I've never been formally diagnosed. Rather, all drs. including endocrinologist have said it's depression.

I've been visually impaired since childhood (amblyopia and severe high myopia). Lately, I've noticed major changes in my vision, which is severely impacting my ability to drive. Despite being 20/20 in my good eye, it seems that my peripheral vision in that same eye has deteriorated. My weaker lazy eye is down to 20/100 when just a few months ago it was at 20/40!

I had an evaluation by an OT and she mentioned strabismus, alternating use of my eyes, etc. The research I've done online indicates that thyroid disease can cause adult onset strabismus.

Anyone have any experience with this? If so, would treating the thyroid cause vision issues to be resolved without VT/surgery? Naturally, all this is hitting me while I'm in between contract work and no health insurance!

I'm freaked out, confused, frustrated with my body and the medical professionals who never know anything or constantly misdiagnose me and desperate for long overdue answers!

If anyone can give advice other than to see drs. (already setting up appointments) I'd be grateful.
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Mon, 03-19-2012 - 12:12pm

Hi Benilaw,

I have not heard this before so I don't have an answer for you.

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Mon, 03-19-2012 - 1:39pm

thanks for your response. Unfortunately, I have yet to get my thyroid retested. It's the adult strabismus and discovering that it could be caused by thyroid disease that prompted my post/question. I would hope that the fact that my mom has hypo would lead doctors to take me more seriously than in the past. If just one more doctor tells me that it's depression, I think I'm going to scream (though I have plenty of reasons to be depressed, for me, I know that I feel physically off not emotionally/mentally). I am fed up of doctors (even females) trying to push pills on women and chalking it up to being emotional/hormonal instead of listening to us!

I'm just so tired of having symptoms of medical conditions that doctors can't seem to diagnose, recognize, etc. I'm 31 and feel like I've been hit with stuff nonstop since age 7 and just wish I could catch a break/get a diagnosis/treatment already. I almost wish this is my thyroid causing my sudden crazy vision because then at least I know that's the cause and it's not something even more serious. Sometimes I feel like all I do is worry about my vision/eyes as it's been a lifelong issue with no end in sight. :(