Chonic back pain sufferer

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Chonic back pain sufferer
Tue, 12-18-2012 - 10:36am

Had surgery 7 years ago, large synovial cyst intraspinal.  Have pins, rods, fusion, screws and carbon cage.

Now I have two new bulging discs.  Anyone tried the injections and have they helped you.

thank you for all yr input


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Thu, 12-20-2012 - 11:58am


Welcome to the board.

I have had injections into my hips and knees and they helped me a whole lot. Let us know how you get on and if you have it done.



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Tue, 12-18-2012 - 11:47am

Wow you have been through a lot. My partner's friend has had the injections for bulging discs and he claims they help him so it might be worth it to give it a try.

Good luck.