Did either of your parents deal with chronic pain?

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Did either of your parents deal with chronic pain?
Tue, 11-20-2012 - 9:42am

Did either of your parents deal with chronic pain while you were a child? In the interesting study, described in Health Day News, teens whose parents experienced chronic pain were more likely to experience it themselves. "The teenage children of people who suffer chronic pain are at higher risk of suffering from such pain themselves, a new study finds.The study tracked more than 5,300 teens (aged 13 to 18) in Norway and their parents and found that teens were more likely to have chronic nonspecific pain and chronic multisite pain if one or both of their parents had chronic pain." more

Your thoughts?

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Yes, my Mom did...she died twenty-two years ago this Christmas. My dd was three going on four and my ds had just turned a year old...:(...she is missed...<3 She wasn't too much older than I am now. Six grand-kids, three grand-daughters and three grand-sons... My ds doesn't remember her, dd does, but none of my sister's kids got to. Very sad. She loved Christmas. Her father, my grand-pa died at Christmas to. It's is also dd's birthday... I celebrate to Honour my beloved Mom! And to celebrate my dd!
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