Update to Yesterday's Post - Received MRI Results

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Update to Yesterday's Post - Received MRI Results
Tue, 06-25-2013 - 10:08am

I thought I'd provide an update. This morning, I was on my VA health site and dowloaded my health data (LOVE this feature!). Anyhow, I saw the results of the MRI were in there (they were not yesterday).  I proceeded to read the results and I am SO angry!  My knee is even worse than ANY of us thought.  Even the radiologist indicated, "immediate attention is needed."  The results are:

1.  Partial tear of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL)
2.  Tear of the medial meniscus
3.  Partial tear of the medial collateral ligament
4.  Osteoarthritis of the knee with chondromalacia patella

This explains why physical therapy made the pain worse and why I always have "flares" after a day that includes a lot of walking - with or without my brace.  I am in day 2 of a horrible flare and I cannot even get my doctor to call me back!  I sent my PCP team ANOTHER message hours ago and it hasn't even been confirmed. This is ridiculous that they cannot even call me back.

I have been significantly under-treated for all this time...I have half a mind to write that private doctor a letter who told me last year an MRI wouldn't show anything because there's nothing wrong with me.  A year was wasted because of his decision even if I'm glad it brought me to the VA.  A year of pain that was totally unnecessary because I believe the ligament tears can be corrected fairly easily with surgery.  I think the osteoarthritis is something I'll have to live with until such time that I am old enough for a doctor to give me a new knee (they say I am way too young now).

I feel satisfied that I can tell them, "SEE I TOLD YOU I WAS IN PAIN!" I'm glad the MRI showed the problem...I knew it would.  I now have it in black and white to DOCUMENT the reasons why I constantly complain about pain.  I am just angry no one bothered to listen to me all this time and kept me suffering.  I am going to talk to my orthopedist next Tuesday at my appointment about the possibility of pain management.  With or without surgery, I'll have some of these issues forever...there's no good reason they should keep me in all this pain.

Thanks for letting me vent...I am definitely mad but, ultimately, I am relieved as well...I just hope now the results are put to good use.


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I am glad that you finally have answers and so sorry you had to go through this...


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OMG-that is horrible! I am so sorry that your knee is in such bad shape and no one took you seriously. The pain must be unbearable. What is the doctor suggesting now?