Sleep May Ease Symptoms of Parkinson's Disease: Study

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Sleep May Ease Symptoms of Parkinson's Disease: Study
Tue, 07-31-2012 - 2:33pm

According to this recent Health Day News report, getting more sleep may help with Parkinson's symptoms. "Sleep seems to improve the motor function of people with Parkinson's disease, researchers have found.

This "sleep benefit" occurs for some patients even though they are without their medication while sleeping, the study authors said. However, how sleep helps patients' motor function remains unclear, and not all Parkinson's patients experience this improvement, according to the report, published in the June issue of the Journal of Parkinson's Disease." MORE 

Do you get enough sleep? Can you tell a difference if you don't get enough?


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Good question(s) Karla!

Do I get enough sleep? - I struggle with this....! My sleep patterns are consistently inconsistent! I rarely sleep more than 5 hours and even then it isn't without waking up every couple hours to either roll over or to go to the bathroom. If I take a sleep aid (I have a prescription for Clonazepam) I sleep a bit more soundly however still have to achieve a certain level of awareness in order to roll over or whatever...! However I don't like taking sleep aids more than a couple nights in a row because of the 'foggy' feeling that eventually sets in after taking them for any more than one or two nights in a row.

Whether I've gotten enough sleep or not really depends on what my day consists of.  If I have things to do that aren't too physically or mentally challenging, I'm usually fine with whatever amount of sleep I get.

Can I tell a difference if I don't get enough sleep? - You bet! If my day is physical, and I haven't gotten that minimum of 5 hours sleep, I usually have more difficulty with dexterity which can be a challenge under the best of circumstances. The mental part can also be challenging especially if I pressed or get stressed.

I admit that these are things that under the best of circumstances can be a little challenging however a lack of sleep makes everything a bit more difficult to deal with.

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what a cruel revelation from their study, considering a common side effect of Parkinson's disease is insomnia, yet sleep could help ease our symptoms. Not fair!!

As for myself, sleep deprivation is a prescription for disaster for me. As I've always said, my symptoms are worse when exposed to extremes, as if the medication has to fight harder. Those extremes can be physical, emotional and environmental (like extremes in weather, too hot, too cold, etc). Too little sleep can kick up my symptoms and the rigidity can be the worst. I really try to get to bed early every night. I must say, I've been sleeping really well for the past 5 months. A lot more peacefully and that has helped.