Food allergies affect childen's growth

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Food allergies affect childen's growth
Mon, 02-25-2013 - 8:09am

A new study found that children with food allergies were smaller than other children. According to Health Day News, "Food allergies appear to affect children's growth, a new study suggests.This could be due to the fact that the treatment for food allergies is strict avoidance of foods that trigger a reaction, the researchers said.The study of 245 children with food allergies found that they were smaller than other children. It also found that children with more than two food allergies were smaller than those with one or two food allergies." More

Do your children have food allergies? Are they smaller than their peers?


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Tue, 02-26-2013 - 9:26am

How interesting. One of my granddaughters has an allergy to dairy products and she is much smaller than other children her age. Her other grandmother is a real small woman so I thought maybe she was taking after that side of the family but now I have to wonder if it is because of the allergies. I'll have to mention to my daughter in law to ask the doctor about it as I am now curious if her size has to do with allergies.

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Tue, 02-26-2013 - 11:28am

I'm not really too surprised; when I worked in the school, there were a number of children with food allergies and most of them were smaller than their classmates. One girl in particular was allergic to dairy, nuts and chocolate and she was a teeny tiny little thing.