Help me with my eczema

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Help me with my eczema
Fri, 02-21-2014 - 2:48am

Itchy dry and crack hands. Please help me cure my eczema, i'm seeking for natural remedies on how to treat cases like this. Any suggestion would be a big help. Thanks.

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Fri, 02-21-2014 - 1:25pm

Are you staying hydrated well during the winter?  That would be my first place to start.  I drink water, but found in the winter I tend to gravitate towards coffee more to keep warm.  You can drink warm lemon water instead, take a half of a lemon and add it to warm water, if its a bit too sour you can add in a few drops of stevia to it, but not sugar.  Also, avoid caffeine as much as possible, it dehydrates you.  Also, pick moisturizing lotions that have the least amount of extra ingredients.  If you do not have allergies to nuts, pure coconut oil is great both for moisturizing, but also an antibacterial, so if its dry and cracked, and you have any spots where it may bleed, the coconut oil will be good for keeping it from getting it infected.  Also, running a humidifier during the winter months when your heat is on higher than normal and its sucking the moisture out of the air.

Here is a good book in general on Skin issues.   Its written by a former IV poster who works as a certified holistic health coach and licensed aesthetician.