Cold Flashes?

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Cold Flashes?
Sun, 09-09-2012 - 6:33pm

Hi all,

Well, I expected them to be HOT flashes and last night I realized I am having COLD flashes! What the heck?

I've had a handful over the past six months and it didn't occur to me until today these were flashes related to 'the change."

I take the Pill in order to help moderate both my hormones and mirgraines, as well as tame my painful and heavy periods. But I wasn't expecting cold flashes instead of hot flashes.

I also take anti-anxiety meds and so the first fiew times these happened to me I thought I was having an anxiety attack. It never occured to me this had to do with perimenopause.

It literally "flashes" cold from the inside out. I shiver and shake and grab every blanket I can get to wrap myself up. I'm freezing! Last night I had "waves" of cold flashes and I was drenched in a cold sweat when they stopped. I had to change my t-shirt and towel off. It was like I'd worked out!

My poor husband is now asking if we can put separate sheets and blankets on our bed because I grab everything away from him when these hit. I am actually going to do that because I am all ready waking him up with the shrivering and shaking.

Geeze! Just when you think you know what to expect!

Anyone else have cold flashes?


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Mon, 09-10-2012 - 11:37am

Cold flashes happen. I hate it when they happen in winter time. I think, though, you might be on to something thinking they are anxiety related. I find iif I get anxious, I'll have a flash. That's why I learned to control anxiety attacks. You could also keep a flash journal for a couple of weeks.  I learned that hot flashes are my body's way of saying "Less animal based protein, more legumes AND GET SOME FLAXSEED OIL IN ME!!!!!". Cold flashes are my body's way of saying "MORE SLEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, oh and you might want to PUT SOME GROUND FLAXSEED IN THAT YOGURT!!!!!"

When it comes to Perimenopause, my humour isn't just warped, it's Warp Factor 9.