Don't know if this is normal, need to vent - and need help!

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Don't know if this is normal, need to vent - and need help!
Sun, 09-16-2012 - 4:53am

Hi all, I am new here and I just don’t know what to do and I am hoping that maybe you can offer any suggestions, OTC remedies or something, at least I know I am not alone in this…


Here goes:

I am 43, and since 2008, I have been going through early onset perimenopause. My doctor had prescribed DHEA for adrenal fatigue and birth control. At first it seemed to work but since about a year ago, this perimenopause thing has been kicking my butt big time. I eat healthy, stay away from cafeine, I do not drink alcohol, I do not smoke, I exercise 2 times a week (getting to where I can increase slowly). So I can rule out any bad behaviors.

I also have GAD (general anxiety disorder, panic attacks) but that is nothing compared to this.


Symptoms I experience are:

Lightheaded, nervousness, sweating profusely or freezing cold, weight gain, water retention like my body is a sponge, gas/flatulence with any kind of food I eat, sometimes sick to my stomach, terrible migraines, my joints ache (extreme lower back ache, knees hurt, hip hurts), hair loss, hair GAIN in places I’d rather not have hair, dry eyes, dry skin, rashes on my face and neck, acne (even more so than when I as a teenager) and for about 2 weeks these “symptoms” seem to worsen before my period. Then once my (very light spotty period) starts, I am like a new person –until the next 2 weeks hit.

My mood swings are horrendous and I am either crying for no apparent reason, or I am sad, depressed, don’t want to be bothered, I can’t think straight nor concentrate like I have ADHD, or I am completely enraged with anger over nothing. Also, I either sleep a lot or not at all. I used to be ‘normal’ … average. I don’t get it.


I simply do not know what to do.  Before I wrote this, I was crying for no reason – just started to cry.

So does anyone have any suggestion as to any herbal remedy, OTC medicine, some Ancient Chinese remedy hidden in a corner,  or anything that perhaps would, if nothing else, ease the symptoms. I know I feel like I would not want to live with me, how must my family feel!!


Thanks for ‘listening’…



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What I am about to say will probably not be what you'd prefer to hear, but....

You are experiencing a few of the 'normal' symptoms of peri-menopause.  If you visit our Menopause Oasis you will find, on the first page of the site, a list of nearly 60 "common symptoms" of peri-menopause.   For some gals the number and severity of symptoms is mild, for others it seems they experience darned near all of them. 

Unfortunately we all go thru this stage of life at our own pace and with our own basket of symptoms. 

The one thing I have found that helps me the most with my mood swings and anxiety are the B vitamins.  I take a Vitamin B Complex 50 daily (I have a friend who uses the Vitamin B Complex 100) to keep my emotions at a fairly even keel.  Then for the added anxiety of stressful situations I take Inositol (vitamin B 8) ~~ up to 5 of them a day, but most of the time one in the morning is all I need.

I have a 75-year old friend who swears by Remefemin to keep her hot flashes from getting the best of her!

Please know that you are welcome here anytime ~ to ask questions, to vent (it really does help!), to share experiences, or to just hang out with other women who understand and care....

There are NO dumb questions when it comes to Menopause

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You are loved ~~ far more than you may ever know!

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I take a cocktail of things in the morning to keep me going.. of I crash about noon. I take Andrew Lessman's Energy and Fat Metabolism Factors, Centrum Silver for women, Bee Alive's Royal Gelly... If I forget... I can litterally feel the energy drain out of me. 

Go to the Menopause Oasis, you will find a page on 'natural' remedies, including what KT told you about...  If you are on any meds, please check with a dr or pharmacist to be sure of no drug interactions.

Post anytime! And remember you are NOT alone!!! 

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You're welcome! We are here to 'help' if we can!!!  :smileywink:

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I swear by Remefemin too. :smileyhappy: